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Making the Right Choice: Picking the Ideal Warehouse Management System for your Business

The main purpose of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is to streamline every aspect of your warehouse operations, covering tasks such as receiving, storage, picking, inventory management, adjustments and more. Typically, a WMS integrates with your existing ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, making it an essential tool for effective inventory management.

In today's highly competitive business landscape, the role of the warehouse has become increasingly central. The demand for a WMS system has surged, partly due to the growth of global e-commerce, which has pushed businesses with warehouse operations to focus on cost-efficiency.

The Dilemma: Standard WMS or Customised WMS? 

When considering a WMS solution, you often face the choice between a standard off-the-shelf system or a custom-made one. At Cloud Factory, our recommendation is clear: opt for a standard system wherever it makes sense but ensure it can be tailored to your specific needs. 

This approach aligns well with Microsoft's strategy, which involves yearly upgrades to their ERP solutions. Therefore, it is crucial to select a WMS system that can be easily upgraded without incurring significant costs and complications.

Warehouse Size Doesn't Matter 

A common question we encounter is whether it is worth investing in a WMS for small warehouses with just a few employees. Our answer is a resounding yes. Regardless of warehouse size, there are undeniable benefits to adopting a WMS. Simply transitioning from paper-based processes to digital systems can yield cost savings, improve environmental sustainability, and lead to satisfied customers. 

Implementing a WMS can help you avoid shipping errors which not only saves money but also preserves customer relationships. Most analysis of WMS implementations point to ROI within 6-12 months.

Understanding the Full Cost of Investing in a WMS Solution 

There are a multitude of WMS suppliers, making it challenging to obtain comprehensive cost estimates, including installation expenses. 

Tasklet's Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software application designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, including Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Tasklet has a fixed installation price for Mobile WMS, typically spanning 16 hours. Tasklet can achieve this efficiency because its solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, preserving the integrity of your ERP system.

Optimal Integration Between ERP and WMS 

Seamless integration into existing systems and processes is a critical factor when selecting a WMS system. It is essential to choose a WMS that aligns with your ERP system, with the ERP serving as the central backend while the WMS acts as the frontend, facilitating data exchange. The user-friendliness of Mobile WMS, with a focus on the user interface and configurability, is a key consideration.

Voice-Picking vs. Hands-Free Operation? 

When working with a WMS, you may encounter the need for voice-picking or hands-free operation. It is essential to thoroughly assess the market and pinpoint your specific requirements. In our experience, the demand for hands-free operations often surpasses that for voice picking. There are various hands-free setups widely used by our customers. Clearly defining your needs is crucial.

Heavy Lifting and External Screens on Trucks? 

Many businesses require the ability to scan products directly from the trucks they operate. To fulfill this need, various short-distance and long-distance scanners are available. Some customers also need larger screens for data visibility. Your distributors can provide guidance on implementing this setup, which is currently used by medium-sized and larger customers.

Assistance with Hardware Selection 

Tasklet offers WMS hardware delivery in collaboration with leading hardware manufacturers. This collaboration allows Tasklet to help you find the hardware that precisely suits your needs, providing a single point of contact for both software and hardware. Tasklet’s hardware options span various price ranges and cater to diverse industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, wholesale, food services, distribution, service, hospitality, and the public sector.

Operating System: Android or Microsoft? 

Tasklet strongly recommends choosing devices with the Android operating system. This recommendation is partly due to compatibility with their software, but also because prominent manufacturers have embraced Android as their preferred operating system. Android offers a broader selection among leading manufacturers, surpassing Microsoft's Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, which reached its "end-of-life" date in 2020. Tasklet’s solution runs seamlessly on both Android and Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld.

Future-Proof Warehouse and Logistics Solution 

Microsoft's strategy for Dynamics 365 Business Central involves annual updates, emphasising the need to select a WMS vendor with an easily upgradable solution. Tasklet's warehouse management solution integrates perfectly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, offering customisation options and supporting various barcode scanners.

WMS with Online/Offline Functionality

Consider your company's Wi-Fi coverage when selecting warehouse management software. Tasklet's Mobile WMS can operate 100% offline, ensuring you can use the system even in areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage, such as concrete structures, basements, freezing compartments, cold storage facilities, and locations with metal interference.

In conclusion, choosing the right Warehouse Management System is a critical decision for Australian small and medium-sized businesses. Tasklet's Mobile WMS offers a versatile and cost-effective solution that can be tailored to your specific needs, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems and ensuring a smooth transition to digital warehouse management.

How can Cloud Factory Help?

Our Warehouse Management team at Cloud Factory will book a free assessment with you to understand your digital warehousing requirements and establish the overall scope for your project. We will discuss with you how you can contribute to your successful implementation of the WMS system and finally, together we will discuss and establish your go-live plans.

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