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SAP Business One Intercompany

SAP Business One InterCompany

Efficiently handle Intercompany transactions across multiple companies by automating the replication of corresponding transactions in various company databases.

A SAP BUSINESS ONE OVERVIEW VIDEO - Intercompany by Walldorf Solutions - Implemented and supported by CloudFactory

SAP Business One Intercompany

For companies with multiple business units or subsidiaries, intercompany transactions and integration create complexity. 

Minimising this complexity is critical when you need to consolidate financials across all operations for reporting, provide visibility into the sales performance of each business entity, or streamline intercompany procurement transactions. Without automating and streamlining intercompany transactions, such activities require painful manual reconciliation and aggregation. Businesses need to reduce the time and effort associated with processing intercompany transactions and complying with regulations.

Customers want to synchronise data such as item and vendor numbers between systems, allowing business entities a common language when transacting. Customers also want to reduce errors and increase productivity by eliminating manually created intercompany transactions in multiple systems. For example, when one of your business entities creates a PO to buy from another entity, that action should automatically create a SO in the selling entity. 

Finally, you need financial consolidation and aggregated sales reporting!


Automatic recording of reciprocal marketing documents among branch companies.
Example: Company A and B are 2 companies that perform intercompany trading. Adding a purchase order to company A triggers the automatic creation of a sales order in company B.

What Documents are supported by SAP Intercompany

  • Purchase Quotation to Sales
  • QuotationPurchase Order to Sales
  • OrderA/R Reserve Invoice to A/P Reserve Invoice
  • Delivery to Goods Receipt PO
  • A/R invoice to A/P invoice
  • A/R Debit Memo to A/P Debit Memo
  • A/R Correction Invoice to A/P Correction Invoice
  • A/R Correction Invoice Reversal to A/P Correction Invoice Reversal
  • Goods Return to Return
  • A/P Credit Memo to A/R Credit Memo

SAP Business One Integration Processes

What business processes are supported by the Intercompany solution?

SAP Business One Intercompany

The Intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One enables businesses running SAP Business One to manage Intercompany transactions for multiple companies by automatically replicating corresponding transactions between the company databases. Consider a sales subsidiary that buys finished goods from a manufacturing plant. When the sales subsidiary creates a Purchase Order in its SAP Business One application, the solution automatically triggers the creation of a sales order transaction in the SAP Business One application of the manufacturing plant. The ability to automatically create a related (reciprocal) transaction in the other application eliminates manual data entry, improves employee productivity, and reduces the potential for errors from rekeying data.

The Intercompany integration solution automates the flow of marketing documents across branch companies for the following:
  • Intercompany Trade
  • Purchase Order to Sales Order
  • A/R Reserve Invoice to A/P Reserve Invoice
  • Delivery to Goods Receipt PO
  • A/R invoice to A/P invoice



  • A/R Debit Memo to A/P Debit Memo (only for Company A, Company B, Company C and Company D)
  • A/R Correction Invoice to A/P Correction Invoice(only for Company E)
  • A/R Correction Invoice Reversal to A/P Correction Invoice Reversal (only for Company E)
  • Goods Return to Return • A/P Credit Memo to A/R Credit Memo

AP Business One Objects were selected for replication using the Service Layer and today most of the objects are supported via SAP Service Layer. The remaining replications are using the default SAP B1 DI API.

But what is SAP Business One Service Layer?

SAP Business One Service Layer is a new generation of extension API for consuming SAP Business One data and services. It builds on core protocols such as HTTP and OData, and provides a uniform way to expose full-featured business objects on top of a highly scalable and high-availability Web server.


Which data objects are supported via Service layer and why is this important

Firstly its important to relaise the deep capabilities are affored by the intregrtation across the system for example competing products may only support 11 data fields/objects - Walldorf SAP Business Intercompany supports 82+ and they are:

  • Account Classification
  • Cash Discount
  • Currencies
  • Exchange Rates
  • Dimensions
  • Distribution Rules Setup
  • Manual Distribution Rules Setup
  • Profit Center Setup
  • Profit Center Type
  • Projects
  • Bank Charges Allocation Code
  • Banks
  • File Format
  • House Bank Accounts
  • Payment Blocks
  • Payment Methods
  • Portfolio
  • Business Partner Master Data
  • Countries
  • County
  • Customer Group
  • E-Mail Group
  • Industry
  • Payment terms
  • Special Prices for Business Partners
  • States
  • Vendor Group
  • Address Format
  • Dunning Terms
  • Business Partner Priorities
  • Business Partner Properties
  • Credit Cards
  • CNAE Code
  • Commission Groups
  • Instruction
  •  Indicators
  • Language
  • Bill of Materials
  • Discount Groups
  • Item Group
  • Item Master Data
  • Item Property
  • Manufacturers
  • Length and Width UOM
  • Order Interval
  • Package Types
  • Period and Volume Discount
  • Price Lists
  • Unit of Measure Groups
  • Units of Measure
  •  Weight UOM
  • Beverage Combination
  • Beverage Commercial Brand
  • Beverage Group
  • Fuel Code
  • Fuel Group
  • Income Nature Setup
  • Name
  • NCM Code
  • Occurrence Code
  • Beverage Table
  • Customs Group
  •  Material Gr
  • Movement Code
  • DNF Code
  • Document Type
  • Product Source Codes
  • Service Codes
  • Shipping Type
  • SPED Profile Setup
  • Chapter ID
  • SAC Code
  • Service Category
  • Contract Templates
  • Customer Equipment Card
  • Service Contract
  • Agent Code
  • Freight
  • Translation
  • Holiday Dates
  • Sales Person

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