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Turn Microsoft Business Central data into an immediate impact with Integrated Power BI!

Optimise your Dynamics 365 Business Central experience by establishing a unified data repository, revealing impactful insights, and seamlessly translating them into actionable outcomes.

Introducing Copilot in Power BI & Business Central

Create impactful reports faster

Leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Copilot to enhance your daily operations with cutting-edge AI support. Further, with Copilot integrated into Power BI and Business Central, your team gains access to user-friendly AI tools, streamlining tasks without the need for extensive data science expertise. This latest enhancement broadens the scope of Copilot capabilities, elevating productivity across a wider range of departmental roles.

Let Business Central be the single interface for all users to create a data-driven culture with finger-tip business intelligence

Craft personalised reports and dashboards in Power BI to showcase Dynamics 365 Business Central data. Utilise Power BI Desktop for the creation process and effortlessly share or publish these reports to your dedicated Power BI Service. Collaborate efficiently by sharing insights with colleagues within your organisation. Completed reports can be effortlessly and semalessly integrated into Business Central and utilise the same colour schemes for User Interface consistency.


Unlock Business Central Data via Power BI Visualisation

Unlocking valuable insights from your Business Central data is effortlessly achievable through Microsoft’s Power BI—a robust data visualisation system. With Power BI, you can seamlessly retrieve Business Central data, allowing for the creation of dynamic dashboards and reports tailored to your executive needs. 

Use the Business Central Reporting Tool of Choice

This powerful tool offers a flexible alternative to standard Business Central reports, enabling in-depth customisation and the ability to merge data from various companies within Business Central. Additionally, select Power BI reports can be embedded directly into Business Central, ensuring a seamless viewing experience without leaving the system. 

Complex Business Central Visualisation? No Problem!

For more intricate dashboards, the Power BI website provides an optimal platform for an enriched exploration of comprehensive analytics.

See what capabilities are provided for Dynamics 365 Business Central with Power BI!

Gaining insights into your Business Central data is effortlessly achieved through Microsoft’s Power BI, a robust data visualisation system. Power BI seamlessly retrieves Business Central data, empowering you to construct dynamic dashboards and reports. Offering a flexible alternative to reports built within Business Central, Power BI allows you to drill down and customise visualisations, even facilitating the merging of data from different companies within Business Central.

Select Power BI reports can be embedded directly in Business Central for a streamlined experience, while more intricate dashboards are best explored on the Power BI website.


Visualise your Business Central data seamlessly in Power BI.

Access and analyse your Business Central data effortlessly in Power BI reports. Business Central online comes equipped with predefined Power BI reports, and your organisation may have also provided custom reports tailored to your needs.


Access & explore Power BI reports directly within the Business Central client.

Effortlessly integrate Power BI reports showcasing Business Central data directly into specific sections of Business Central pages. You have the flexibility to switch the part to display any report that has been made available to you.


Generate comprehensive reports and dynamic dashboards in Power BI, showcasing insightful Business Central data.

Leverage Power BI Desktop to craft personalized reports and dashboards. Seamlessly publish these reports to your dedicated Power BI Service or collaborate by sharing them with others within your organisation.


Integrate Business Central apps seamlessly into Power BI

Discover and deploy three powerful Business Central apps on Microsoft AppSource for Power BI. These apps, namely Dynamics 365 Business Central – CRM, Dynamics 365 Business Central – Finance, and Dynamics 365 Business Central – Sales, enable the creation of detailed reports and dashboards within your Power BI service, offering a comprehensive view of Business Central data.

Explore Power BI for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Dynamics 365 Business Central Finance and Power BI

Elevate your financial visibility effortlessly with this Power BI application tailored for Finance. Connect seamlessly to your Dynamics 365 Business Central company, gaining instant access to crucial financial insights. Once the application is installed and linked to your proprietary data, the resulting Power BI report and dashboard can be conveniently viewed and managed either within the Power BI service or directly within your Business Central cloud solution. Experience a clear, concise representation of your company’s financial state in an easily digestible format.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales and Power BI

Establish a seamless connection to your Dynamics 365 Business Central company and promptly access detailed sales information. Upon installing the application and linking it to your proprietary data, this Power BI report and dashboard become readily available for viewing and management. Whether within the Power BI service or directly within your Business Central cloud solution, experience efficient oversight of your company’s sales data.

Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM and Power BI

Establish a connection to your Dynamics 365 Business Central company to instantly access valuable sales opportunities. After installing and linking the application to your data, effortlessly manage and view the Power BI report and dashboard within the Power BI service or directly within your Business Central cloud solution.

Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power BI Scorecard

Seamless integration between Business Central and Microsoft Power BI empowers users to generate insightful reports, scorecards, and dashboards using Business Central data. Users can conveniently access these visualizations not only from their Power BI workspaces but also directly within the Business Central client.

Powerful alone. Better together.

Create robust end-to-end business solutions by seamlessly connecting Power Automate across the Microsoft Power Platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365, Azure, and numerous other apps. Drive innovation throughout your entire organisation.


Power Apps

Develop applications in a matter of hours, not months, with effortless data connectivity, Excel-like expressions for logic, and compatibility for web, iOS, and Android devices.


Power Automate

Incorporate robust workflow automation directly within your applications using a no-code approach, seamlessly connecting to hundreds of popular apps and services.


Power Virtual Agents

Effortlessly create chatbots to foster rich conversational experiences with both customers and employees—no coding skills required.


Power Pages

Swiftly construct and launch customised, low-code business websites to unify your data and connect customers to essential information and services.


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