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Phocas On SAP Business One: Business Intelligence and KPIs

SAP Business One Analytics for Finance, Procurement, Distribution and Manufacturing

Why Phocas for SAP Business One?

If you are managing Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement or Distribution and worry about the correct information to drive decisions then you are more than likely facing difficult decisions each and every day, week and month!

Phocas is an adaptive, ad-hoc reporting and analysis system which can easily integrate with solutions such as SAP Business One. Phocas is capable of delivering high-level dashboards that highlight underlying details of your business/products. Phocas delivers self-service capabilities that scale with business growth. Get instant, focused and visual data when you need it.

  • Integrate multiple data sources: SAP Business One, CRM, websites, Google Analytics, HR, Payroll etc.
  • Customisation: dashboards, databases, reports
  • SAP Business One: Finance, Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Production
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Benefits of Phocas

To Learn

Phocas works hard on providing direction and will keep your team focused on reachable goals with actionable insight to support key performance areas.

Go beyond your gut instinct and help your team get insights into key performance areas across each business units. The system delivers a streamlined view of market and budget data, and products.

To Plan

Make quick, strategic decisions about your business based on clear goals, plans and collaboration. As we know, plans made on the basis of data and research work better than plans made without facts.

With Phocas you can use your data analytics solution to get valuable insights into ERP data to set strategic business targets. Address concerns and prepare for issues proactively using straightforward data findings to guide you.

To Sell

Customise the needs of your business and that of your customers without hours of manual work from you and your staff. You can sell smart, not harder with visual data analytics.

Identify keys areas where you can activate a sales strategy with intelligence. Now with Phocas you can spend less time on building reports and managing spreadsheets and more time on getting analytics on live sales data, gap and risk analysis, trends and new opportunities.

Got data. Get results.
Phocas for SAP Business One!

Quick view of Sales Performance

Dashboards give you the greater and full picture, red (or low) numbers and a sad face emoji will tell you quickly the sales are down!

Phocas personalise your statement
Phocas Financial Statements

Drill Into Sales

Drill into detail to discover low sales at 3 key customers. Get your Account Manager on the case!

Improve Where You Most Need It

Your personal Account Manager will seize the opportunity to turn sales around using the information in Phocas.



Phocas delivers for SAP Business One!

SAP Business One - Production with Phocas

Phocas lets you consolidate SAP Business One sales and operational data with ease.

With Phocas, you can power your daily operations and make informed decisions. You will have access to powerful manufacturing data that will allow you to do in-depth analysis and accurately predict demand trends, inform production and track critical success metrics.

Phocas benefits include:

  • Measure your data accurately
  • Don't spend hours pulling data and spreadsheets
  • Provide easy access to your C-level with ease
  • Make decisions with confidence with reliable data
  • Customise reports and build dashboards specific to your business
  • Manage your supply chains quickly and efficiently
  • Track everything from inventory to purchasing, production, sales, distribution and more

Here's how Phocas helps you win:

  • Drill down to granular details of your data to view margin by customer, product, product class or product category for optimal sales
  • Get stock coverage report that is always flexible, up-to-date and easy to access
  • Avoid 'out-of'-stock situations
  • Evaluate customer buying patterns for a comprehensive understanding of at-risk relationships to keep profitability strong
  • Take your understanding of the customer and their buying pattern for accurate inventory forecasting
  • Pricing tools that drive value

SAP Business One - Distribution with Phocas

Phocas is known to be the preferred sales and distribution solution because of its ease of use, straightforward implementation cycles and flexibility. With Phocas, you can unify your SAP Business One Application strategy with the help of data!

Most distributors share common goals, which includes maximising orders, refining margins, meeting meaningful and trackable SLAs and KPIs, and providing superior and high-quality customer service. While most of these goals are tactical, businesses need to be more strategic and data-driven to achieve them.

Business Intelligence: Connect Retail to Head Office Functions

Use Phocas to help you uncover your retail revenue potential powered by data.

Couple your SAP Business One Supply Chain with retail business intelligence and data visualisation tools that can boost revenue and transform your point of sale management. Phocas consolidates SAP Business One Financials, Product and supplier data to Retail with a real-time view.

Phocas benefits for retail:

  • Have full-funnel visibility from your suppliers all the way to point of sale
  • Have your whole team on the same page with easily accessible dashboards. This will give your commercial managers a single view of intelligence
  • Let your customers lead the way by analysing their buying patterns
  • Create targeted promotions, identify link-sell opportunities, see floor sales across locations and much more with dashboards that can be customised to match your needs
  • Control worldwide inventory with ease
  • Anticipate customer needs by analysing historical trends

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Phocas - Resources and more!

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