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Cloud-Based POS and ERP Back Office Solution For Restaurants and Cafés. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supports a restaurant setup with multiple table locations, order-taking, moving of orders, kitchen information, and split billing. The solution supports stationary POS locations, as well as Mobile POS integrating Front of House requirements to back end operations such as Financials, Budgeting and Planning.

Significantly improve your efficiency and service

With this cloud-based POS solution for restaurants and cafés, you can serve your guests in an efficient and convenient manner, reduce the ordering, as well as the waiting time, and offer quick payment. Orders are automatically sent to the kitchen printer to save time and avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Reduce waiting time when ordering

When welcoming patrons, you can efficiently take their orders and input them into the Point of Sale (POS) system.

The array of available beverages and food items can be tailored to your café, eliminating any superfluous buttons.

Smiling customer paying by credit card at the bakery
Empty plate and tableware with online order menu

Minimise errors

Whether you receive the orders at the counter or with an mobile POS at the table you can quickly send the order to the kitchen with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Restaurant solution.

Avoid handwritten notes or verbal orders delivered to other staff by accepting the order directly at the POS.

The order is automatically transferred from the POS to the kitchen, which ensures that the order is not misunderstood or forgotten.

Finish the service with an elegant payment

 If you are receiving your guest’s payments by the counter, you can accept payments straight away with only a few clicks on the POS system.

The POS solution is able to receive all kinds of payments from mobile payments and contactless credit card payments.

Closeup image of a man giving credit card to waiter in cafe
Customer entering pin number into machine at counter in cafe

Accept payments via Mobile POS

Increase your level of service by offering payment at the table with Mobile POS.

The mobile POS solution allows you to retrieve the bill for the table and accept the payment without having to go back and forth to get a payment terminal. This way, your guests can pay faster and make room for new guests.

If the guests wish to pay separately, you can easily split the bill and accept multiple payments.

Key modules of POS Solution for Restaurants and Cafes


Grow with an all-in-one solution for Point of Sale, payments, accounting, and reports.

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Multiple table locations
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Order taking
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Moving of orders
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Kitchen information
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Split billing

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