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Prospend AP Automation for MYOB Advanced

The Prospend invoice module automates and simplifies the entire Accounts Payable Management process bringing immediate efficiencies, control and savings.

How Prospend AP Automation Can Make a Difference?  

  • ProSpend stands as a robust expense management solution, empowering businesses to streamline expense reporting, enhance financial visibility, and optimize spending. By centralizing expense capture, categorization, and tracking, ProSpend facilitates comprehensive control over finances, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • At its essence, ProSpend simplifies expense reporting for both employees and finance teams. Through an intuitive interface and mobile app, employees effortlessly submit expense reports, eliminating paper receipts and manual input. Meanwhile, finance teams benefit from accelerated review and approval processes, fueled by the tool's automation and real-time reporting capabilities.

  • Yet, ProSpend transcends mere expense reporting, offering profound insights into spending behaviors. This enables businesses to pinpoint inefficiencies and strategize for future investments. With robust reporting and analytics features, companies gain rapid access to vital financial data, bolstering their financial comprehension.

    Overall, ProSpend serves as a cornerstone for businesses seeking to streamline expense management, amplify financial visibility, and optimize spending. Regardless of size or scale, ProSpend empowers organizations to seize control of their finances and make informed business decisions.
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No Manual Data Entry

Supplier invoices are scanned, the data is extracted and payment requests automatically created - eliminating all manual entry

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Email Alerts

Email alerts to approvers and finance team ensures quick turnaround of invoice approval and payment

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Approval Workflow

Integrated approval workflow with approval limit verification and automatic routing. Invoice approval can be done from a mobile device.

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AP Visibity

No more chasing paper invoices, A/P staff can see easily where supplier invoices are in the approval and payment process

Prospend Invoice Module

The invoice module automates and streamlines the entire invoice management process for your accounts payable operation, delivering immediate efficiencies, control, and cost savings.

ProSpend AP Automation

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