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Are you a growing business looking for a better ERP system that can manage your distribution processes and minimise errors in purchasing, order fulfilment, inventory tracking, and customer support? 

Meet MYOB Advanced Distribution Management! MYOB Advanced Distribution Management is a Cloud ERP System which helps you manage your supply chain activities, logistics activities, warehouse management, inventory management, order management such as sales and purchase orders and combine it with the company's financials and sales all in one place. The data is available to be accessed by your nominated team online and offline. 

How does MYOB Advanced Distribution Management help your business?

Basically, an end-to-end system will help you understand gaps in your processes. Knowing where you need to improve, will in turn improve customer satisfaction while minimising costs, reduce order times, ensure a steady supply of materials by optimizing and automating your purchasing process, and control costs over the entire chain of supply and distribution. 

What does MYOB Advanced Distribution Management include?

The MYOB Advanced Distribution Management edition includes the following: 

  • Sales Order Management
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Purchase Requisition Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Warehouse Management System and
  • Advanced Financials.

Download eBook below for all benefits and Case Study

inventory-and-distribution-eBook_blue_cfDownload the MYOB Advanced Inventory and Distribution eBook below to gain more insight into the benefits listed above as well as a case study on one of our MYOB Advanced Business success stories.