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Comprehensive Mobile Service Management Applications on a Future-proof Cloud Platform 

Complete Service Management ERP

Drive growth with a comprehensive service management ERP application designed for construction, field service, professional service and managed service providers (MSP). MYOB Advanced includes financials, projects, customer relationship management, construction jobs, field service, purchasing, sales, and inventory applications.

Field service and construction organisations can schedule appointments, manage equipment, and track warranties and contracts. Native mobile apps empower remote workers with GPS navigation, voice-dictation for notes and image capture via mobile devices. View equipment details and service history in the field. Start service orders, capture electronic signatures, issue inventory items, capture expense
receipts, and complete orders from any device.

MSPs can log support cases, manage support contracts and measure service level agreements with an online customer portal for self-service.

Professional service organisations can create and manage project estimates and budgets with configurable project billing. Create and assign project tasks, compare estimates to actual costs, and automate
time and expense entry.
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"Our ERP solution is flexible and allows you to do business the way you do . . . We continue to improve our utilisation of MYOB Advanced and derive efficiency through business process audit and finance process review within a program of continuous improvement.”


MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP


“We’ve torn down the silos we had with the client-server solution, so now we have access in one view of the data. We’re now able to see where we are cost-wise with our existing construction projects; we’re able to look at the profitability of each project, look at the customer base and understand where we are most successful.”

Deep Industry Functionality

Service companies have varied needs often unmet by traditional ERP applications. MYOB Advanced provides a broad set of adaptable business applications enabling service companies to configure the application to meet their specific business and industry needs. Construction service companies enjoy robust project accounting for job management with native field service for appointment scheduling and mobile applications for technicians. Professional service organisations leverage project accounting with task entry and flexible billing. Field service companies across diverse industry segments manage equipment with serial numbers, warranties, and equipment details. The Service and Support application is essential for managed service providers with case management and customer self-service portals.

Industry Functionality FS 1
Industry Functionality FS 2

Access the entire MYOB Advanced application anytime, anywhere, from a browser or mobile device. Monitor key performance indicators, capture expenses, and manage time entries and exceptions to avoid missing parts, service delays, and other issues

Field Service App-1

Device-Agnostic Mobility

Mobility is critical for service organisations. Connect remote workers and back-office managers in realtime with appointment updates, schedule changes, technician and consultant location via the mobile app, equipment and project information, and appointment status. Remote workers can review documents and access checklists from any device with an internet connection. On-the-go executives have real-time data in the palm of their hand, including mobile dashboards, employee approval
requests, time cards, and expense receipts.

Device Agnostic Mobility

Extend MYOB Advanced with Certified Applications

The MYOB Marketplace is one of the leading communities of independent software vendors with integrated applications for budgeting and planning, electronic data interchange (EDI), equipment rental, quality control, logistics and shipping, container management, process manufacturing and more.

"My dispatchers are thrilled to pieces to have the calendar board, the flexibility to move appointments around as they see fit, the flexibility to assign different technicians to those appointments. Also, it affords us the ability to see who’s out there, who’s working, and how long they’re expected to be on that appointment so we can be more efficient with our estimates to our clients about when we expect to have a technician on site . . . Open tickets—they can see if somebody has been assigned to it. They can see what the progress is on that ticket. Is the technician on their way? Have they arrived?”

Future-proof Cloud Platform Ready for Modern Technologies

Service companies demand a modern platform built for speed and extensibility to connect external systems and data.

The MYOB Advanced xRP platform is a versatile architectural framework and application development platform that empowers service companies to tailor the software to the way they do business. Because
MYOB Advanced ERP platform technology uses standard web technologies and development languages, you can modify your business logic using the platform tools or a different integrated development environment.

The platform is built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology. Leverage Open APIs to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), capture data in real-time through machine interfaces, or automate your warehouse with robotics, carousels, and other modern technologies.

Future Proof Cloud Platform

The MYOB Advanced xRP platform is more than just technology. It is the foundation distributors demand for the future. Visual workflows, embedded document management, multilingual translations and localisation, mobile expense receipts, time management and other platform-native features are included in the most resilient cloud ERP platform available for midmarket distributors. MYOB Advanced Mobile Framework provides real-time access to data, and configurability without coding. It connects with mobile device features such as cameras for photos, microphones for voice notes, fingerprint recognition for security, GPS for location tracking, and more.

Manage Your Entire Business on a Single, Future-Proof Cloud Platform

Powerful and Comprehensive Service Management Provided by MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP:

Inventory Management

Sales Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Requisition Management

Warehouse Management

Commerce and Point of Sale

Customer Management

Accounting Applications

Analytics & Platform

Service Management


Projects & Construction

Vendor Marketplace


“Our ERP solution has exceeded our expectations. From a technology and operations point of view, our solution ticks all the boxes: It’s engaging for users, scalable, flexible to meet your needs, and grows with you as a business.


Download MYOB Advanced Service Management Applications Brochure

Achieve Growth and Success with MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP is a comprehensive business management solution that was born in the cloud and built for more connected, collaborative ways of working. Designed explicitly to enable small and mid-market companies to thrive in today’s digital economy, MYOB Advanced’s flexible solution, customer-friendly business practices and industry-specific functionality help growing businesses adapt to fast-moving markets and take control of their future.

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