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Knowing the importance of manufacturing metrics and KPIs for manufacturing, establishing KPIs within the SMARTER framework, and getting the KPI data are key steps to becoming a lean, profitable business.

However, translating the KPI data into strategic, actionable decisions is vital, and it requires the assistance of sophisticated technology, such as the MYOB Advanced award-winning cloud ERP solution.

From the beginning, MYOB Advanced was purpose-built for the cloud. When reviewing Cloud ERP solutions the CloudFactory review team immediately recognised that the development team were using “new and fresh” technologies.

This was a major differentiator; the technology was really picked up at the right time, not masking, through partial UI updates, a technology of decades ago.

Enabling you to meet changing requirements

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP software enables you to meet constantly changing requirements head-on, including the need to track essential manufacturing metrics and KPIs as a way to enhance performance and profitability.

In fact, we see that the most difficult aspect of tracking metrics and KPIs is presenting the information in a meaningful way, and we see that MYOB Advanced helps simplify the process:

Combine data from multiple systems easily

Modern cloud ERP applications like MYOB Advanced provide manufacturers with a foundation to combine data from multiple systems with configurable inquiries, tailored reports, actionable role-based dashboards, and dimensional data analysis to ensure data integrity and timeliness.

In addition, MYOB Advanced can create custom workflows to manage actions across business units and departments to facilitate change throughout the organisation.

Features and functionalities most manufacturers use

With MYOB Advanced all manufacturers have the features and functionalities necessary for tracking and utilising your unique metrics and KPIs, including:

  • Automated data collection to improve data accuracy.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline business processes.
  • Real-time dashboards with actionable reports and customized inquiries.
  • Push notifications for alerting of potential issues.

These and additional MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP capabilities provide you with the ability to set, measure, monitor, and analyse your KPI data that can help bring about a strong, productive future.

The only way to survive and be successful in this market is to have visibility into the KPIs to drive manufacturing, maintain profitability, drive customer satisfaction and quality.

Learn more about tracking key manufacturing metrics and KPIs with MYOB Advanced by contacting our team today to arrange a review.