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Boosting Manufacturing and Distribution Prowess in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Insight Works

At CloudFactory, our commitment lies in orchestrating connections between clients and transformative tools that elevate their operational prowess. The Enhanced Planning App by Insight Works heralds a new era of efficiency by seamlessly integrating with Dynamics 365 Business Central, tailored specifically to cater to the intricate demands of the manufacturing and distribution sectors.



Addressing Industry-Specific Challenges
CloudFactory's experience as a Microsoft Partner has shown that while Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful tool, industries such as manufacturing and distribution often encounter challenges that require tailored solutions. Here's where the Enhanced Planning Pack comes into play:

Tailored Forecasting:

  • Scenario: Imagine a toy manufacturer preparing for the festive rush, looking to predict the demand for new toys, balancing past sales data, market trends, and production capacities.
  • Solution: The Enhanced Planning Pack offers focused forecasting, providing bespoke insights for distinct items or categories. This ensures optimal production quantities, leading to reduced waste and maximised returns.

AI-Powered Decision Making:

  • Scenario: Think of a food distributor juggling seasonal fruits and vegetable supplies, continually adapting to changing seasons and varying farming yields.
  • Solution: The Enhanced Planning Pack offers precise AI-driven insights by integrating with Cortana Machine Learning. This feature enables businesses like the food distributor to predict demand fluctuations, ensuring a steady supply and minimizing wastage.

Efficient Inventory Management Across Multiple Locations:

  • Scenario: A global electronics brand with factories and storage facilities scattered worldwide needs to optimise stock levels.
  • Solution: The Enhanced Planning Pack provides a consolidated view of inventory across diverse locations, facilitating efficient stock transfers and minimising over-production or stock-out situations.

Streamlined Production Planning:

  • Scenario: An auto components manufacturer faces increased demand for a particular part and wants to evaluate the feasibility of ramping up production.
  • Solution: Equipped with BOM (Bill of Materials) Analysis and Production Feasibility tools, businesses can quickly assess material needs, production schedules, and associated costs.

Navigating the Dynamics GP Transition
With Dynamics GP's anticipated discontinuation in 2025, many businesses are keen on transitioning platforms without hitches. The Enhanced Planning Pack ensures a smooth transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central and equips companies to face future challenges. Transitioning clients need not just adapt but excel.

Crafting a Vision for Streamlined Operations
Partnering with Insight Works and offering the Enhanced Planning Pack is a significant step in fulfilling our commitment to clients. This tool isn't merely an add-on; it represents a vision for fine-tuned, efficient operations within manufacturing and distribution. The 5-star rating on Microsoft AppSource is a testament to its effectiveness, but the actual proof lies in the enhanced workflows and increased efficiencies witnessed by businesses using it.

The need for tailored solutions is paramount in the evolving world of manufacturing and distribution. While Dynamics 365 Business Central lays the groundwork, the Enhanced Planning Pack by Insight Works fine-tunes operational excellence. Our commitment as a Microsoft Partner is to provide our clients with the best tools, and this solution fits that bill perfectly.

To delve deeper into the features and advantages of the Enhanced Planning Pack, reach out to CloudFactory or visit