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Running a distribution or wholesale business is no easy task.

Remove the need for over-ordering, see the true cost of your shipments and get better visibility over your operations. Move to an accounting and operations system built on Microsoft. Made for wholesalers and distributors.

If you're tired of manual processes, re-keying information and using disconnected processes and systems to manage your business, it's time to think Wiise. Why can't you have an inventory and warehousing system, plus an accounting solution on a single platform? Wiise is designed to help wholesalers and distributors get greater visibility.

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Supply Chain

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Optimise your stock level

Get a system that tells you you need to restock to fulfil orders coming from the sales team. Wiise delivers when it comes to helping ensure you have the right stock when you need it. 

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Reduce double handling of stock

With capabilities to perform cross-docking for deliveries and automated picks and putaway, you'll find Wiise helps any warehouse with simple or complex operations, to become more efficient in organising goods in storage. 



Know the true cost of every item to be sold

With average and standard costing options along with the ability to translate foreign exchange rates and import costs, you and your team will know the exact cost of every item so you can sell this stock at the margins you want. 

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Find and (re)move stock when you need it most

With comprehensive warehousing and serial tracking, you'll know exactly where everything is without having to look at multiple systems. Be able to perform recalls when they happen rather than taking days trying to figure it all out. 


Control your inventory, don’t let it control you

Knowing what’s available and where it's located can make a huge difference to your wholesale or distribution business. Control what’s coming in, and what's going out, with predictive intelligence that lets you know when you need to order more of a particular item or group of items. Don’t get stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell. With Wiise, you can see what’s selling and what’s not, to help your warehouses healthy. Plus, with drop ship, you can streamline orders to get your stock to your customer's door in an instant.


Get clarity on the costing of your stock to make better decisions

Inventory can drown a wholesale or distribution business in additional costs when you don’t have the right visibility on your stock. Re-imagine how you do your business and see just how much your stock, while you hold it, is costing you. Keep up with the everchanging foreign exchange rates, know the true cost of your imported goods with landed cost, and re-price your items to make profit. Move to a wiiser solution that accounts for these cost so you don't have to.

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See the fine detail of your inventory to know what you’re selling

No matter how complex your inventory is, Wiise keeps up with the finer details of your items. Get a system that can help you distinguish easily between the products you sell and give you clarity around the items that you carry in your business. Account for different measurements, variances and more with Wiise, to get a more complete picture of your inventory.

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Tailor Wiise to your business with these key benefits

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Clarity of what's on hand

Get clarity on what's available in your inventory across different locations. Know if stock is reserved for another sale or is ready to be sold.

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Give variants and substitutes

Keep your customers happy by making sure they get what they want including giving them the right item with correct attributes or giving them the choice to buy a similar or related product.

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Flexible purchasing

Create a purchase invoice when you need it. Make one after making an agreement with your vendor or create one from a sales invoice or a job.

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Reduce warehousing cost

Don't add warehousing cost to an item when you can send it direct to your customer with drop shipments.

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Know real import cost

Know precisely how much overseas purchases are costing you with landed cost. Be able to compare actual cost to import versus buying local.

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Streamlined reordering

Create rules around minimum and maximum levels for stock reordering. You can also bulk produce replenishment worksheet for all your inventory needs.


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