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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Manufacturing Management

By deploying the features of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Premium Edition our clients unlock robust Manufacturing capabilities across Production, Planning, Forecasting, Version Management, Demand, Finite Loading and Machine Centers. Manufacturing coupled with great capability across Finance, Service and Supply Chain makes Business Central a compelling solution for the Modern Manufacturer!

Microsoft Business Central Manufacturing Management - Assembly

Assembly to Manufacturing - What is your focus?

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Microsoft Business Central comprises two editions: Essentials and Premium. Within the Essential Edition Business Central provides for Assembly Management where Manufacturing is simply not required. 

So what is Assembly?  Assembly is defined as an Item that can be sold and will comprise an Assembly Bill of Material (BOM) 

What functions are typically supported for an Assembly Focused Business?

  • Assemble to Order and Assemble to Stock Process
  • Quote an Assemble-to-Order Sale
  • Assemble Items
  • Sell Items Assembled to Order
  • Sell Inventory Items in Assemble-to-Order Flows
  • Sell Assemble-to-Order Items and Inventory Items Together
  • Create Blanket Assembly Orders
  • Undo Assembly Posting
  • Bills of Material

Microsoft Business Central Manufacturing Management - Manufacturing

Assembly to Manufacturing - What is your focus?

Business Central Manufacturing (3)

Microsoft Business Central comprises two editions: Essentials and Premium. Within the Premium Edition Business Central provides for Assembly Management  and Manufacturing capability. 

To convert material into produced end items, production resources, such as bills of material, routing's, machine operators, and machinery must be set up in the system.

Operators and machines are represented in the system as machine centres that may be organised in work centres and work centre groups. When these resources are established, they can be loaded with operations according to the item's defined material (BOM) and process (routing) structure, and according to the capacity of the machine or work centre. You can also set the production capacity of each resource. Capacity is defined by the work time available in the machine and work centres, and is governed by calendars for each level. A work centre calendar specifies the working days or hours, shifts, holidays, and absence that determine the work centre’s gross available capacity (typically measured in minutes). All of this is determined by defined efficiency and capacity values.

When you have set up manufacturing, you can plan and execute production orders. For more information, see Planning and Manufacturing.

What function comprises Microsoft Business Central Manufacturing?

  • Production Bill of Materials
  • Production Orders
  • Supply Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Version Management
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Automatic production orders and purchase orders.
  • Action messages for fast and easy balancing of supply and demand
  • Support for bucket-less and bucketed material requirements planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Sales and Inventory Forecasting
  • Finite Loading
  • Machine Centers

Why Microsoft Business Central Manufacturing Management?

With Business Central’s Manufacturing Management modules, simply made available by selecting the Premium Subscription Edition, your manufacturing processes become completely integrated and deliver a coherent approach to your business management.

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