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Warehouse Management Software: Design your own functions

Easily extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by creating custom apps

Designing Warehouse Management Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Your very own App Designer!

The WMS App Designer provides a simple way to add new apps to Warehouse Insight or extend existing apps with new business logic. A simple drag and drop interface lets users build and visualize complex applications and business logic with minimal effort. The system’s plug-in architecture enables users to extend existing functionality without modifying any product code.


WMS App Designer enables non-technical people to build their own WMS applications and tweak existing applications to match their proven processes.

WMS App Designer leverages Microsoft MakeCode. Microsoft MakeCode is a programming framework that is engaging, approachable, and inviting. WMS App Designer uses a block editor where users interactively create WMS applications by dragging and arranging blocks onto the editor workspace. Applications can be complete, complex, fully standalone modules (e.g., existing modules like shipping/receiving) or simple, one dialog processes (e.g., asking for a line comment). The possibilities are almost limitless.

WMS App Designer provides users with the building blocks to arrange and configure to create the desired application. Block types include event, interaction, action, context, variable and logic blocks.


Easy-to-use designer interface

The Designer interface consists of a pre-set number of blocks. Each control/block performs a specific task or encompasses a pre-defined event in the system. Some blocks are used to respond to actions taken by users (e.g., when a barcode is scanned) on the handheld, while others are used to initiate actions for the user to respond to (e.g., asking for quantity) while other blocks are there merely to facilitate the application flow (e.g., sending and getting data from Business Central ). How you use the blocks is up to you and your imagination.

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