This is the most important update since the launch of SAP Business One!

SAP Business One Version 10: Web Client

Let's have a look at the various capabilities of the SAP Business One Web Client update in more detail.

SAP Business One Web Client 2022

Have you heard the news - We are getting ready for SAP Business One Web Client Availability!

The Web Client for SAP Business One brings you the best of all worlds – it is based on SAP Fiori design principles and encapsulating SAP Business One core processes and business logic. The Web Client reads and writes from and to the same company database you use with SAP Business One.

It is available for both MS SQL and SAP HANA version. With the Web Client, you can:

  • Create, process, and update marketing documents and master data
  • Create and track activities
  • Create and manage document drafts including approval process
  • Benefit from sophisticated analytical charting capabilities and predefined analytics content
  • Utilise user-defined fields, tables and objects
  • Choose your preferred deployment option: on-premise or Hosted
  • Can be used side-by-side with the SAP Business One Rich desktop client

What's new in the SAP Business One V10 release?

  • Intelligent ERP and process automation through elements
    such as machine learning and IoT
  • Core functions and localizations extended based on market
    feedback. Focus on Wholesale/Retail objects
  • UX in focus, new skin style
  • Web client continuation leveraging the Service Layer
  • Enhanced analytical capabilities leveraging HANA 2.0
  • New Integration framework 2.0 and additional scenarios
  • Reuse of existing SAP intelligent technologies (Recast, Invoice Recognition, SAC etc. depending on price-tag)
  • Improved Cloud deployment - Answer partner requirements

Video Resources

To ensure you are as excited as us - We have published several videos for you and your team to review.

5 min 00

SAP Business One Version 10 Web Client: This video shows you how to process a list of sales orders.

5 min 00

SAP Business One V10 Web Client: This video shows how the Web Client enables Create,  Save and Edit a Sales Order.

6 min 22

SAP Business One V10 Web Client: This video shows how the Web Client enables Entering of Sales Invoices and Credit Memos.

3 min 27

SAP Business One V10 Web Client: This video shows how users can search the key word, such as a serial number, venders and item number and receive the research results directly. Supported on SAP Business One HANA

6 min 48

SAP Business One V10 Web Client - This video shows how Users can edit and manage Business Partner and we see how to create an activity for an Item 

36 min 47

SAP Business One V10 Web Client - This video shows how Users can leverage the built-in analytics. 

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