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B1UP SAP Business One Enhanced Configuration capability put into the hand of the User!

SAP Business One Configuration capability

Boyum IT - SAP Business One

The Boyum Pack adds even further configuration capability for SAP Business One and makes configuration a breeze whilst places this capability firmly into the hands of the client!

The Boyum  Usability Pack, known as B1UP is an award-winning customisation tool that works independently of SAP to bring increased capability to SAP Business One without resorting to application customisation!


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  • key Benefits of Boyum IT Usability Package
  • B1UP Reporting Tools

key Benefits of Boyum IT Usability Package (B1UP)

The B1 Usability Package (B1UP) is an award-winning solution designed to enable you to customize and automate SAP Business One effortlessly, making it ready to face the most diverse scenarios and challenges. B1UP brings a new depth of versatility to SAP Business One, ensuring a flawless user experience and giving you the competitive edge that you need to drive your organization to success.

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Ensure Data Quality

Data quality is essential to the information flow within a system, and incorrect data can drastically impact business operations and decision-making. Make SAP Business One foolproof when it comes to data quality.

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Enhance User Experience

The expectations of users of enterprise software have risen substantially. Easy-to-use apps designed for mobile devices have made users look for more fluid interaction with the solutions they use at work.

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Optimize your work

Use customization and automation to create better, more efficient and streamlined business processes. Explore B1 Usability Package to perfectly tailor SAP Business One to the way you work

B1UP Reporting Tools

To cover the entire scope of SAP Business One utilization, the B1UP also offers a set of reporting and analytics tools:

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B1 Dashboards

A centralized cockpit of interactive widgets that enables you to analyze up-to-date information and make accurate, data-driven decisions. Web access also available.

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Data Visualization

Display your data in eye-catching, colorful charts and pop-up dashboards.

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Custom reports

Create your own fully customizable reports based on HANA or SQL.

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Crystal reports

Display, print or save Crystal Report-based layouts

Enhanced Configuration

B1 Usability Package for SAP Business One

Buying SAP Business One is a bit like buying a house: you’re buying something out of the box and may not necessarily meet all your needs.

B1 Usability Package (B1UP) helps and enables your customization project, saving both time and money. Watch our new animation video.

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