What is SAP Business One

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a flexible system designed specifically to scale from 1 User to many Users and grow with you. SAP Business One provides a seamlessly Integrated and Connected Business platform. Using the SAP Business One Integration Framework enables a modern business to move from disconnected processes to a single integrated Digital Business Platform. From Production to Finance to Distribution - SAP Business One is the perfect ERP System for the growing business.

SAP Business One for the Small to Medium Sized Business

What is SAP Business One and how do you gain greater control over your business and streamline processes with SAP Business One

SAP Business One a seamless end to end ERP system that offers an affordable way to manage your entire business – from sales and customer relationships to financials and supply chain

SAP for Small Business to Mid-Size Business

SAP Business One is designed specifically for small to medium businesses and supported by Cloud Factory. SAP Business One helps you streamline your business processes, act on timely information, and help you drive profitable growth.

Have a quick look at this introductory video for more information!

Everything you need to know about SAP Business One Pricing and SAP Business One Integrations in outlined below!

SAP Business One Workshops

Cloud Factory holds many complimentary and personalised workshops for companies looking to implement SAP Business One to their core business. The companies are taken through an overview of the solution and we answer any questions they may have about SAP Business One. To find out about a workshop that suits you, please click below!


Why Select
SAP Business One

Reasons for a business to review SAP Business One ERP:

  • Successfully manage and grow your business with a single solution. 
  • Your selection or choice of deployment: Be it On premise or Cloud Hosted
  • Your selection of Database: Be it SAP Business One Powered by Microsoft SQL Server or SAP Business One Powered by HANA
  • Your selection of Operating System: Be it Microsoft Windows Server or Linux 
  • Class-Leading API Integration - SAP Business One Integration Framework
  • Various dedicated SAP Business One Mobile Apps for IoS and Android 

Product Update - SAP Business One Version 10

SAP Business One Version 10 for General Availability!

Manage your business with SAP Business One &

SAP Business One Reporting & Dashboards

SAP Business One provides a series of predefined, built-in reports for each functional area of the software. You can focus the report on specific areas of the business and customise the output. You can print, e-mail, or export any report to Microsoft Excel right from the system.

Standard reports in SAP Business One are accessed either within the modules, or from the Reports Module on the main menu.


SAP Business One Customer Overview!

This is how SAP Business One Australia helps Shiseido run their operations smoothly!

For this global cosmetics company Shiseido, SAP Business One has improved business operations. It’s now easier to get accurate data for planning and decision making purposes. In addition, it has helped the supply chain process by providing better purchasing and control.

SAP Business One Version 10: Web Client

Let's have a look at the various capabilities of the SAP Business One Web Client update in more detail.

Key benefits of SAP Business One

SAP Business One has various different packages to suit your business needs! Have a look at them all below!

SAP Business One Sales Management

Within the SAP Business One there are opportunity and sales management tools. This is where you can create quotes, enter orders, perform real-time availability checks across all your warehouses, and process deliveries. You can also record deal sizes, potential competition, new sales opportunities with helpful and relevant information such as lead source, and sales stage. You can synchronise your contacts, tasks, and opportunities between Microsoft Outlook and SAP Business One. You can have all of this while gaining instant access to snapshots of customer data from your e-mail.

Documents that have been forwarded by clients such as PDF’s, drawing, specifications, images etc may be anchored to any document within SAP Business One – so for example, a CRM Sales quotation in SAP Business One may store the RFQ PDF along with supporting information such as emails etc.

SAP Business One Distribution Management

The success for SAP Business One for wholesale distribution companies lies in the effective management of inventory. That means having the right material on hand when a customer needs it, but without having dead stock sitting around costing money. You have to ensure that you maintain the appropriate amount of adjusted safety stock. And through it all, you have to be able to take advantage of your suppliers’ special offers.

Sales management tools in SAP Business One allows you to create price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update inventory balances, and manage all invoices and accounts receivable. SAP Business One offers efficient document development for every step throughout the sales process, including quotations. All relevant information is moved from one document to the next – from sales quotation to the sales order to delivery note to the SAP Business One AR invoice – saving you time and reducing errors. SAP Business One also gives you the flexibility to adapt the steps in the sales process to fit your needs and specific business processes.

SAP Business One Reporting

SAP Business One features Reporting, a powerful and interactive analysis reporting tool with pre-delivered depiction of your data. This helps end-users access data using common business terms for Finance.

We are regularly challenged to create value using data of our company and turn it into meaningful opportunities. SAP Business One Analytics Solution offers a comprehensive – yet simple – single platform that helps find and unlock the real value in your data for smarter decisions. The rewards for peolpe who successfully use analytics are significant. They successfully stretch their competitive advantage, drive company innovation, and improve the bottom line.

SAP Business One Financial Management

Did you know, SAP Business One offers you with fully integrated banking and financial functionality for end-to-end management, tracking, reporting, and control of all key financial and accounting processes.

  1. Handle all your financial transactions – including journal entries, budgeting, general ledger, and account setup and maintenance – in one system, with comprehensive reports and tools. 
  2. You can define your own postings for regular execution in accounting and specify a frequency and distribution for each recurring posting.
  3. You will be able to manage and define budgets on your existing accounts to compare planned figures and actual figures. Your system will alert you when a transaction exceeds a monthly or annual budget limit.
  4. Journal entries are posted in real-time from the purchase, sales and banking function. This allows you to create new journal entries and search for current entries.
  5. Reversals of specified postings occur on the first day of the following calendar month. However, you can set up a different reversing date for each posting.
  6. You can specify different departments or profit centres and allocate the cost and revenue accounts to a predefined profit centre in the chart of accounts.
  7. You can save multiple manual journal entries and process them simultaneously, allowing verification of the postings before they are entered in the general ledger.
  8. You can evaluate your open items in foreign currencies, then identify differences and choose the appropriate correction transaction.
  9. You are able to define general ledger account, assignment models. This will help you save time and avoid mistakes during the manual posting of journal entries.
  10. You can generate any number of financial report templates.
  11. Reports are based on revenues and costs, both direct and indirect. You can run reports for any profit centre annually or monthly to compare the results with figures for the previous period.
SAP Business One Production & MRP

SAP Business One Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module enables you to plan material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process based on the evaluation of existing inventories, demands, and supplies on changing planning parameters (such as lead time determination, make or buy decisions, and holiday planning).

SAP Business One Material Planning (MRP) calculates gross requirements for the highest bill of materials (BoM) level, based on existing inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, production orders, forecasts, and so on. It calculates gross requirements at the lowest BOM levels by carrying down net parent demands through the BOM structure. Dependent levels might have their own requirements, based on sales orders and forecasts.

The results of the SAP Business One MRP run are report and recommendations that fulfil gross requirements by taking into consideration the existing inventory levels and existing purchase orders and production orders. The MRP run also takes into account predefined planning rules such as Order Multiple, Order Interval, Minimum Order Quantity, Inventory Level, and so on.


SAP Business One Workshop Bundle Pack

Download our most popular SAP eBook and Workshops Bundle Pack

Your download will include the following information: 

  • SME with SAP Business One - An Overview
  • SAP Business One - Financial Management Workshop Overview
  • SAP Business One - Distribution Management Workshop Overview
  • SAP Business One - Warehousing & EDI Workshop Overview
  • SAP Business One Manufacturing Workshop Overview

How will Cloud Factory Support you during your migration?

Cloud Factory Solution Experts take on challenges that business cannot solve alone.

Specialist skills, niche training, the experience of having done it before. We as your ERP consultants bring more than just configuration, integration or report building skills. We can jump in at the last minute, often starting with short notice usually when things have already become urgent. The on-demand agility and flexibility that comes with being a Cloud Factory consultant means we are always there as help at hand, extra support, fresh eyes and a second opinion when it comes to the solutions that indeed are our passion!



Phase 1

ERP Requirements & Selection

We hit the ground running… fast. We help you select the ERP solution that suits your business best first and foremost!



Phase 2

ERP Implementation Planning, Training & Support

We will jointly develop an implementation project plan for your project team that includes details on how the various modules will interact. We will test your system in a safe environment before launch.




Phase 3

ERP Consulting, Customisation, and Upgrade Services

We are there for you over the long term to advise, consult, support, train, and provide services related to your new Business Solution and fine-tune it with new enhancements as and when needed.



Phase 3

ERP Annual User Group for customers 

We provide our customers with monthly online sessions where our experts share the current state of release of your ERP solution and gain access to learning important new capabilities.

SAP Business One Pricing and More!

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SAP Business One Pricing

 SAP Business One has a number of License types available to deploy. Ensure you deploy the right license for your users of SAP Business One. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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SAP Business One Integration

 Extend SAP Business One to meet your unique business needs with these integrations. Learn about SAP Business one Certified Add-ons from Our Technology Partners.

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