MYOB Advanced - Accounts Payable Automation

MYOB Advanced - Accounts Payable Automation

Australia's leading Cloud ERP now has AP Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

So what is AP Automation?

AP Automation provides a data capture solution that replaces manual data entry with efficient automated invoice processing. By enabling early capture of invoices and centralised extraction and validation of data, it reduces the cost of paying an invoice, improves visibility into the payment cycle and increases the accuracy of analysis and forecasting. With this capability enabled customers instruct suppliers to send invoices to a suitable mailbox for example

The system comes pre-configured to identify header, footer and line item data on invoices according to built-in Australia profiles. The solution is easily extendable to include custom data fields that accommodate the requirements of specific AP processes. Extracted data is automatically validated using master databases, arithmetic calculations and business rules to ensure consistency and accuracy.

The end result is that the document is now in MYOB Advanced, see above, with the data already extracted and ready to process in accordance with MYOB Advanced GL determinations!

We are so excited to be able to extend this option to our clients and potentially provide even greater value than was originally envisaged for their new solution!

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