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Want to gain extra hours of productivity a day? Say goodbye to laborious manual re-entry of orders because with Opmetrix integrated into MYOB Advanced, you can.
The mobile app allows on-the-spot transaction processing which means super quick ordering all reflected in MYOB Advanced!
Your field team's best feature

MYOB Advanced with Opmetrix Integration

Opmetrix uses a combination of field team engagement and the three core elements – Sales, CRM, and Merchandising. This is how customer information is shared seamlessly and it is managed and organised anytime, anywhere.

Opmetrix provides seamless integration with MYOB Advanced extracting master data, inventory levels and pricing to ensure field teams have up to date information when face to face with customers. All sales transactions are imported to MYOB Advanced automatically, accelerating workflows and eliminating double handling of data.

Opmetrix for MYOB Advanced
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Merchandising

MYOB Advanced with Opmetrix CRM features

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Easy to use for field teams

Create a daily call cycle of appointments for your sales team in Opmetrix. Your team can add sick leaves or days off to their account, add prospects and track their progress through the customer journey, and view customer maps and get directions within the app

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View real-time updates

Keep a track of  all active field team members, how many store visits were completed today, an active and live feed of pictures captured from the field, a sales indicator of orders, invoices, and credits.

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Know your customers

In the field? Don't wait to get in the office to update customer information. Add all information about your customers right in the field by accessing all data offline and online.

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Activity Compliance

Get the most out of the day of your team by logging activity and reports. Activity reports match their call cycle against the actual call to ensure compliance.

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Seize Opportunity

Update existing prospects, add new prospects, build call history and surveys all in one place

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Share, Automate and Report

You have the power to send key reports to your field and management team. Opmetrix Portfolios are just one example of the powerful automation within the system.

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Productivity & Communication

Create a to-do list for the day and measure your performance for the day on the go. Record all your customer communications using call cards and store in one place. 

MYOB Advanced with Opmetrix Mobile Sales features

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Sales Automation

A sales entry system for your field team which automates transactions, invoices, orders, credit requests and quotes.

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Advanced Functionality

Advanced features can be enabled or disabled to suit your business needs and empower your sales team.

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Visibility of Sales History

Opmetrix displays the previous products purchased along with dates last purchased, pricing and quantities. An exceptional feature for regular route sales ordering.

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Comprehensive Sales Reporting

Opmetrix sales history is the fastest way to locate, print and email copies of sales transactions. Transactions are time and date stamped and electronic signatures are kept for proof of purchase.

MYOB Advance with Opmetrix Merchandising features

For great retail execution, combine Opmetrix CRM and Sales with Merchandising features to complete the perfect store call. Designed specifically for FMCG, it delivers a comprehensive merchandising and analytics solution.

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Field teams can collect and update in-store data so that information on products and competitor brands are current.

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Promo Compliance

Check that outlet have the correct promotional displays in-store at the correct time, such as aisle and counter displays.

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Product Distribution

The Opmetrix solution is quick to record and update product distribution with a simple tick or cross. Core range and optionally ranged items are easy to update.

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Stock Health at a glance

Identifying delivery or stocking issues quickly is key to sales success.

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Share of shelf

Ensure your market share of the shelf matches your market of a share of sales.

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Measurable sales execution

Measuring growth and opportunities in distribution is a key requirement for FMCG. Opmetrix delivers this with clarity.

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Software for high-performing organisations. With the Opmetrix App, sales teams maximise efficiencies with every call they make. We back our SFA application with outstanding support and a constant focus on innovation.

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