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NETSTOCK is an affordable, cloud-based application that deploys quickly and easily. It offers inventory-based companies a sophisticated yet easy to use tool for the optimisation of their inventory.

The benefits include a reduction in excess inventory, minimised stock-outs, and optimal purchase orders produced in minutes. This results in increased profits by freeing working capital, reducing carrying costs, higher sales and improved productivity.

Through an intuitive dashboard design, companies gain amazing visibility into their inventory health; focus on the most impactful areas of improvement; improved decision-making and much more. All accessible on the web from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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MYOB Advanced - Netstock Features

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Dashboards to manage by exception

Transparency is the key to any inventory management business. You cannot manage, what you do not measure. Improve your performance by measuring your KPIs over time. Visualise your inventory list and highlight item of importance such as items which are due to run out.

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Classify Items to focus resources

There are always items which need more of your attention on the list. Classify their value and velocity to understand how many resources they need.

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Forecast with ease

Don't waste your time on reports which can be created via automation. Have Netstock create daily, monthly and yearly forecasts for you and your sales team with ease.

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Order at the click of a button

With automatic inventory data collection, you will receive a recommended list to order which you can order with one click.

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Raw material and manufacturing

Have the ability to order the right raw material, at the right time and in the right quantities, to fulfil the demand

Benefits of Netstock

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Place Order Quicker

Save time on creating a list of things to order, creating forecasts and ordering. With Netstock, you can automate your ordering capabilities to one-click and generate forecasts automatically.

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Minimize Stock-Outs

Retain your customers and increase sales by making sure all material is ordered before stock-outs

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Meet your schedule

Respond to demand while optimizing inventory and resources for effectiveness and cost control with JAMS for MYOB Advanced MRP planning.


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  • Sales order management
  • Purchase requisition management
  • Purchase order management, and
  • Contains a success story of one of our businesses who saw growth in their business because they implemented MYOB Advanced Distribution Management tool.
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