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Complex product configuration made easy – Size/color matrix, and add-on options. If your system does not accommodate the many ways your customers want to buy products from you, your overhead costs climb and customer service suffers. Kensium Solutions’ Product Configurator makes it easy for your customers to do business with you by giving them the ability to configure their orders seamlessly from an e-commerce platform or from within MYOB Advanced.

  • What is Kensium?
  • What does it integrate?

Product Configurator for MYOB Advanced

Product Configurator replaces those manual, redundant processes you have developed overtime to compensate for the lack of functionality in your system. Add Product Configurator to your MYOB Advanced platform to improve order entry, manage inventory, and track items from procurement to fulfilment, all while delivering a customer experience that inspires repeat business.

What does it integrate?

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Configurable Products

These products have attributes such as size, color, and style. Each of the possible variations are separate items with different SKUs, which are entered as a single product in MYOB Advanced. Order entry, invoicing, and inventory all handle the product as a single item throughout the selling process.

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Virtual Products

Like downloadable products but there is no direct use the buyer gets from it – i.e. a warranty agreement or a subscription.

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Bundled Product

These products allow the buyer to select from a series of product options to assemble an entire final product. Options can be configured to be contingent on selections in previous steps of the purchasing process. Product Configurator allows you to determine the options presented to customers during the sale.

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Grouped Products

Also known as ensemble products, this category refers to products grouped as a single unit for the purpose of the sale.

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Downloadable Products

Intangible products used electronically – i.e. e-books, music, video, and any other product a customer is able to download immediately following purchase.

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