MYOB Advanced Add Ons & Integrations

Extend the capabilities of MYOB Advanced even further through the integration of third-party add ons. Wondering where to start?  Our Melbourne-based team is ready to help with recommendations and implementation.  

Do you need more than just MYOB Advanced?

Firstly! MYOB Advanced delivers a fantastic single Vertical Market Solution for:

  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Field Service

However, as we assist clients with their Digital Transformation there are times that 3rd party integration is required, as an example, SmartSheet, Freight Management, 3rd Party Logistics, Manufacturing Output, E-commerce etc etc. As well as Integration capability, through WEB API's there are also various departmental specialist applications available that boost the capability of your existing MYOB Advanced solution. From saving time and automating processes to reducing errors and making your life easier, MYOB Advanced add-ons feature great additional capability often developed by users for users!

MYOB Advanced cloud integrations are third party apps promoted and supported by 3rd parties, we find the leading solutions to be:

  • NetStock
  • Opmetrix
  • B2BGateway
  • Evexso
  • WooCommerce

This is in no particular order and in no way exhaustive, however there are a few solutioon links below.  Please remember that we are here to help, coordinate and advise!

How do I access 3rd Party Apps for MYOB Advanced?

Typically we would advise you to contact your Customer Success Manager at Cloud Factory - but in essence we would organise a review and be available to discuss the impact of the add-on, based upon experience, for MYOB Advanced and of course any change in Business Processes that the new add-on brings.

As always please contact us to discuss!

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MYOB Advanced Add-ons!



Inventory Management



Sales & Merchandising



Warehouse Management



Integrated EDI



Product Configurator



Magento Integration with MYOB Advanced via Kensium

Choosing the Right MYOB Advanced Apps

With such an impressive array of add ons available, we understand it can be daunting to sort out which will be best for your business. Contact us today to schedule a review with our team.  We will discuss the specific needs of your business and potential impact of these add ons to your productivity and business growth.  

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