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Evexso- MYOB Advanced Module

If inventory is your business than eveXso is your solution

eveXso is a seamless integration tool to help you expertly manage your inventory, whether it’s products, people, assets or even animals. It is a cost-effective and efficient system for tracking the necessary components of your business. Everything Exists Somewhere, and we help you know where everything is at a glance.

Streamline your business management with this intelligent inventory tracking software. Our second-to-none performance statistics will help you improve your service. Best of all, it’s so easy to set up and use that eveXso can be up and running, after a simple 5-minute training session.

  • EveXso Functionality
  • EveXso Put Away

EveXso Functionality

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Goods Receipt

  • Simple and Intuitive iPod App with Scanner attached
  • Booking in purchase orders allows the goods inwards team to manage workflow and provides additional security for sales staff wanting to promise stock from incoming orders.
  • One simple receipt screen shows the status of the items being received
  • Create put away items simply and quickly using a fast and intuitive wizard
  • Load purchase orders from your ERP
  • Bookings can be for a single vendor or multiple vendors
  • Collect new product barcodes using our simple barcode collection tool (scanner required)
  • Forklift drivers/warehouse staff and managers can see what items are waiting to be put away.
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  • Simple and intuitive iPod application with an attached scanner where required
  • Replenishment tasks are auto-generated and prioritised by eveXso to ensure picks can be fulfilled the first time.
  • eveXso tells the replenisher from which location to replenish based on Date code or FIFO as appropriate. No need for guessing / manual labelling
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Stock Check

  • 100% True Real Time Stock - Check Any Location, Any Time
  • Check Single Locations, multiple locations or whole products
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  • iPod with Scanner or iPad interface options
  • The user can follow the specified and optimised pick route or start at any given location
  • Build, complete, weigh and label pallets where required
  • Picks are filtered and prioritised based on the users options to instantly show them what needs to be done
  • The pick screen is simple and intuitive. Colour coding is used to instantly highlight when carton inners are
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Packing & Palletising

  • Drag and Drop packing interface.
  • Create, configure and complete pallets as you pick.
  • Print barcoded labels showing box/pallet contents.
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Delivery management

  • Sequence customers on Delivery Run to make loading simple
  • Notifications are sent to the Transport team when customers are added to a run
  • Customers can be sequenced on multiple runs

EveXso Put Away

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EveXso Put Away

eveXso put away is super fast and super simple.

  • Clearly see what work needs to be done in each put away section
  • 2 Scan put away, scan the license plate, scan where you want to put it, confirm
  • eveXso won’t tell you where to put it, but it will tell you where the pick face is. Stock rotation is ensured in replenishment.
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EveXso Put Away items

Scan Anything makes it easy to find the history of a put-away item.

Simply open “Scan Anything” from the eveXso iPod main menu and scan the licence plate

  • Find out the item and quantity
  • Find out who received it and when
  • If the item has yet to be put away, initiate that process here
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A Day in the life of EveXso

To show eveXso is action we thought we would ask the users to wear our blue helmet for an hour or so while performing their normal daily tasks. It showcases the following functionality:

  • Goods Receipting
  • Put Away
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Truck Loading
  • Real Time Stock Checking
  • eveXso stats for Business Intelligence Reporting


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