Routing Analysis

Evaluate your actual production times to your planned production times to improve costing, margins, and scheduling.

What Is Routing Analysis?

If you have ever wondered how accurate your scheduled production run time is on your routings, then you’re going to appreciate the Routing Analysis app. Easily compare average actual run time with scheduled run time to help optimize your manufacturing process.

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Reduce bottlenecks and improve utilization

The Routing Analysis app generates reports based on routing number, date, minimum average variance, and other variables to compare your average actual run time to your scheduled run time. The report is very useful to fine-tune your manufacturing process. You will quickly see where the bottlenecks occur and areas you can increase your equipment utilization rate.


Measure variation

The Routing Analysis app will measure the standard deviation to help identify inconsistencies within the manufacturing process. For example, a lower standard deviation will indicate that a process is repeated consistently, taking the same time every time. Conversely, a high standard deviation denotes that the production on a specific routing is inconsistent and may present an opportunity to streamline operations.


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