Dynamics 365 Business Central Inventory Forecasting - Production

Generate more realistic Dynamics 365 Business Central Production Forecasts based on historical item usage trends.

What Is Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet?

For anyone responsible for managing stock-levels of inventory, then the Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet app for Business Central is for you. Unlike the Sales and Inventory Forecast extension for Business Central, where you only view a simple graph, the Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet provides additional metadata and the ability to easily set the reorder point, maximum inventory, and reorder quantity variables.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Enhanced Planning Worksheet
Powered by the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite

Item forecasts generated using the Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet are powered by the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Cortana Intelligence Suite is a fully managed Big Data and Advanced Analytics suite to transform data into intelligent action. It is a collection of technologies, all part of the Microsoft Azure cloud offering.

Easily filter items

The Enhanced Forecast Worksheet enables users to generate forecasts by item number, category, or location. The filters help dial-in inventory requirements to minimize working capital while at the same time avoiding stockouts.


Avoid stockouts

Based on the parameters you set, the Enhanced Forecast Worksheet will predict the number of units needed for a given period and provide a “Safe Stock Quantity” value that can be used to streamline inventory levels while meeting sales.


Easily update reorder parameters

Within the Enhanced Forecast Worksheet, users can set the reorder point, maximum inventory, and reorder quantity variables for each given time period.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Enhanced Planning Worksheet 2023
Fine-tune the historical data used for forecasts

Enhanced Forecast Worksheet enables users to fine-tune the parameters used to generate item forecasts. Create forecasts by week, month, quarter, or year based on the number of historical periods you choose. Users also set their confidence level to adjust further the item units forecasted.


Set the forecast algorithm that works best for you

Select from six different forecasting algorithms to help dial in your forecasts. Available algorithms include ARIMA, ETS, STL, ETS + ARIMA, ETS + STL, and ALL.


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