Tote Picking for Dynamics 365 Business Central Warehouse Insight

Pick multiple warehouse orders simultaneously and streamline efficiency

Tote Picking

With the Tote Picker app, warehouse pickers become highly efficient by picking and sorting multiple orders at once, also known as pick-to-tote. Without Tote Picker, pickers would drop off a batch of items at shipping, leaving shippers to sort out which items belong to which orders tediously. With Tote Picker, pickers can use pick carts with dedicated positions or totes to separate the items while they’re picking.

Streamline with barcodes

The Tote Picker app leverages barcodes to keep track of multiple orders. Each tote or cart position is equipped with a permanent barcode used to tie an order to the tote. When an item is picked, the Tote Picker app will direct which tote or position to place the item in and verify the item was correctly placed. With the built-in barcode scanning capabilities, the Tote Picker app ensures pickers select the correct items and put them into the proper totes. If an error is made, Tote Picker will alert the user.


Making packaging and shipping more efficient

With the Tote Picker app, orders are neatly organized in groups enabling responsible for packaging and shipping to process each order efficiently.


Save time in the warehouse

With the Tote Picker app, workers will decrease the time it takes to pick and sort multiple orders.


Minimize picking errors

As mentioned, barcodes streamline the picking process while reducing errors. As items are picked and scanned, the Tote Picker app will notify warehouse pickers if an incorrect item has been selected. Issues are caught immediately rather than down the line at shipping, or worse, the customer receives the wrong goods.


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