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Microsoft Catalyst & Microsoft BizApps Partnership.

Microsoft Partner - Business Applications logo

......A very nice letter from Microsoft was received recognising the Cloud Factory Solutions teams commitment to training and leadership in the AI Cloud Parternship programme.

Microsoft Solutions Partner Confirmation


The two "takeaways" from the letter were:

  • Your organisation is one of the first Microsoft partners to attain this designation and I’m excited to celebrate this achievement with you.

  • The Solutions Partner designation demonstrates your organisation’s technical capabilities, experience, and ability to deliver successful customer outcomes aligned to the Microsoft Cloud.


Customer Deliverables

Microsoft will now directly support our client nominated digital transformation projects through the IDEA Framework encompassing hashtagMicrosoftDynamics365, hashtagMicrosoftPowerPlatform and hashtagMicrosoftCloud.

Inspire: Envisioning Workshop
Design: Busines Value Assessment
Empower: Solution Demonstration
Achieve: Proposal & Contracts



This 10 week process from Kickoff to Deployment will look to ensure how the execution of your digital journey will impact executive time, the greater team, and organisational finances with an in-depth analysis.

  1. Understanding all aspects of the business case is important.
  2. Understanding the desirability of the initiative is critical.

There is a 9x higher return from initiatives that consider the desirability of a solution versus viability and feasibility alone.

Please reach out to our team to kickstart your project!