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April 2024 - Building Resilient Supply Chain Networks Through Digital Innovation

Thought Leadership Series 2024 - Building the Supply Chain of the Future



In a world where change is constant and innovation is the key to survival, the supply chain industry stands at the crossroads of adaptability and transformation. Join us for a thought-provoking webinar where we explore the intricacies of supply chain resilience and intelligence.

We will explore how to seamlessly connect your supply chain and contextualise decision-making using digital technology, guiding you to make informed choices, avoid errors, minimise risk, and embed resilience across your operations.

Why Attend?

  • Gain insights into the key pillars of a resilient supply chain strategy.
  • Explore the transformative power of digital transformation and AI.
  • Understand the role of automation in elevating supply chain efficiency.
  • Stay ahead of industry trends and position your business for success.

Webinar Agenda

We will cover the following topics during the webinar:

Planning for Success: The 3 Key Pillars to a Resilient Supply Chain Strategy

  • Visibility: Gain insights into the entire supply chain for informed decision-making.
  • Resilience: Embracing an "anti-fragile supply chain" to withstand global disruptions.
  • Agility: Quickly adjust strategies to meet rapidly changing requirements.


Supply Chain Unlocked through Digital Transformation

  • Explore the core aspects of modern digital transformation.
  • Dive into cloud technologies, AI, automation, and more.
  • Unpack the importance of inventory optimisation and planning.

AI and Generative AI in the Supply Chain

  • Discover how AI becomes the backbone of a resilient and optimised supply chain.
  • Learn about AI applications in planning, sourcing, logistics, and production.
  • Understand the transformative potential of Generative AI.


Automation in Supply Chains

  • Explore the impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on order fulfillment.
  • Understand key benefits, including enhanced efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.
  • Dive into linked technologies, future trends, and real-world case studies.
Robotics 2

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Our Supply Chain Experts!

Ross Gilchrist

Ross Gilchrist

ERP Evangelist
SAP Certified since 2005
Managing Director

Franz Munnich

Franz Munnich

Sales Director



When is the event?

Who are the speakers for this event?

Franz Munnich will be delighted to take you through this online training on the day!

Will I be able to ask questions?

The online event is set in a webinar format. To avoid distractions and confusions during the event, all attendees will be on mute. However, you will be able to virtually put your hand up for questions or post the questions in the 'Questions' section and we will answer them at the end of the event!

Will I get a recording?

If you are unable to attend live, still register as we’ll send you the recording.

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