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MYOB Advanced Event - Projects

MYOB Advanced User Group Training

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MYOB Advanced User Group - Projects

Hello and welcome to MYOB Advanced User Group 2022 user events! Let's Focus on MYOB Advanced Projects

There is often confusion when projects in MYOB Advanced are discussed because people tend to think of scheduling people whereas the focus in a financial system is more around the project budget vs actuals and the management of revenue recognition and work in progress. The module offers commitment reporting and a billing engine and is definitely suitable to both customer and internal projects. Join us as we review projects and explore the numerous ways to use as well as some best practices when managing financial projects in MYOB Advanced.

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  • What are Projects in MYOB Advanced.
  • When can we use Projects.
  • What are the outcomes when using the Project Module.

In-Action Workshop

We are going to review the process on a live demonstration.

When is the event?

Who are the speakers for this event?

Johnathon Keogh together with Franz Munnich will be delighted to take you through this online training on the day!

Will I be able to ask questions?

The online event is set in a webinar format. To avoid distractions and confusions during the event, all attendees will be on mute. However, you will be able to virtually put your hand up for questions or post the questions in the 'Questions' section and we will answer them at the end of the event!

Will I get a recording?

If you are unable to attend live, still register as we’ll send you the recording.

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