SAP Business One Clients can now access powerful business intelligence through Phocas and the Cloud Factory SAP User Group!

Melbourne, Australia — 1st July, 2020 — Cloud Factory today announced a partnership with Phocas, the leading SaaS data analytics solution. Together, the companies will market and sell Phocas Business Intelligence software to ERP Clients to help them get the most out of their data and maximise their investment across all of their systems. Phocas BI integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One, MYOB Advanced, Microsoft Business Central, Wiise and Sage Line 500/1000. Phocas and Cloud Factory are offering a series of personalised workshops to introduce It to the client base.


“Our customers expect the best selection of tried and tested software to support their implementation and extend the functionality and reporting for their systems, which is not always just limited to the core ERP” said Franz Munnich, Account Manager, Cloud Factory. I like to highlight to our clients two aspects for almost immediate benefit, the fixed price delivery pack “Phocas Sales Solution” where we focus on immediate gains for Sales Invoicing and Sales Budget reporting and secondly positioning Phocas to store the sales history from the Legacy system to be able to report and track on year over year performance from the old legacy data to the new .  Phocas provides a fast, flexible and powerful BI solution for our clients and we know that our users will appreciate that so we anticipate all of our clients benefiting from this proven solution.”

“We were a launch partner for SAP Business One and MYOB Advanced and prior to that acquired the business of Sage Line 500/1000 as it was in 1992, so we have an extensive history supporting ERP users, so enabling them with self-service data analytics to become data-driven in their decision making is very much a part of our “focus”,” said Simon Bishop, Director, Cloud Factory. “Our launch clients see Phocas software as out-of-the-box and ready to help them to understand their business data far easier than ever before,  from identifying sales opportunities and growing margins, to optimising processes and reporting. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with a trusted solution such as Phocas to help our clients get the most out of their technology investments.”

About Phocas

Phocas Software provides a company-wide and industry-matched SAAS data analytics solution. Phocas makes it easy to drill down from high-level visual summaries into the underlying data and arrive at insights to make better decisions in manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses.

Phocas provides a consistent user experience centred around simplicity, usability and performance. From day one with Phocas, users get tracking and reporting on essential KPIs and metrics that are specific to role and industry. But users can also add custom measures, dimensions, dashboards and scorecards to meet the unique reporting needs of their business.

What users love about Phocas is it lets them explore their data, following their train of thought to find answers to their questions, completely unrestricted by canned reports and drill paths.

About Cloud Factory

Founded in 1992, Cloud Factory is a systems integration and applications consulting firm, providing solutions in the areas of ERP, CRM, Warehouse, Integration and Business Intelligence across SAP Business One, MYOB Advanced, Dynamics Business Central, WIISE and Korber K.Motion (previously known as HighJump Warehouse Management). Cloud Factory specialises in solving company problems by creating solutions with technology and business processes. Visit for more information.


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