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The Business Owner considering Microsoft Business Central: Workshop

Here's a scenario

Persona of business owner for Microsoft Business Central

Business Owner

Owner of your Business

You manage the business from start to finish. You are responsible for everything and have to understand every aspect of the business. You will involve others when its been decided to purchase new software, but together you make the final decision. First and foremost, Business Central  needs to fit your type of business. Other factors will include compatibility with existing tools, pricing, and cost of and time for maintenance & training.

These are the key areas we will work through with you in this workshop.

  1. How to manage cash
  2. Target and attract new customers
  3. Maintaining relationship with existing customers
  4. Control expenses
  5. Hire and retain good employees
  6. Reduce time required to analyze sales and financials
  7. Quickly resolve problems with payments from customers

Discovery Questions for this workshop

Here are some of the questions which will be discussed at the workshops!





Topic 1

What are the top 3 reasons for change?

Topic 2

What makes your company unique in the marketplace?

Topic 2

What makes your company unique in the marketplace?

Topic 3

What reports do you rely on to run your business?

Topic 4

What additional manual workarounds are in place in order to support your business?

Topic 4

What additional manual workarounds are in place in order to support your business?

Topic 5

What controls are in place for managing expenses?

Topic 6

How do you manage cash?

Topic 6

How do you manage cash?

Topic 7

How you target and attract new customers?

Topic 8

How do you maintain your relationship with existing customers?

Topic 8

How do you maintain your relationship with existing customers?

Topic 9

Why are you looking for a new solution?


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More on Microsoft Dynamic Business Central!

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What is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that helps businesses manage financials, sales, service and operations easier and faster from day one.

Are you finally suffering "APP Fatigue" with your Accounting Software and various add-ons?

If you’re a business owner, your work day often begins at home, triaging emails early in the morning. Having grown the business from the ground up, you know your customers and vendors, and you’re still involved in day-to-day operations. But the bigger the company gets, the more complex your business processes become.

Each email adds something to your to-do list, which typically requires transitioning to a different application. You use accounting software to prepare an invoice, a CRM system to manage your contacts and sales pipeline, and perhaps yet another manufacturing solution to track production or inventory.

Switching back and forth between fragmented, stand alone solutions takes time and often requires duplicate data entry. This diminished productivity stifles your ability to scale and cuts into time you could spend developing new business.  To keep up the pace of your growth, you’re likely considering the move to a more comprehensive business management solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, helps you get through administrative tasks quickly and easily so you can focus on the big picture, and your team can spend more time taking care of customers. Let’s dive into how Microsoft can help.

Have a look at this introductory video for  Business Central.

Benefits of Microsoft Business Central?

Project Management
Customer Relationship Management
Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Operations Management

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Our solutions deliver a complete, real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere. Through our team of experienced application consultants, we implement and support a full suite of integrated business management applications, including Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Accounting, and CRM.


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