SAP Business One Version 10 - Inventory and Distribution

SAP Business One has launch version 10 of their software with general availability. It is the talk of town because all the different updates they have managed to do to improve user experience. 

The main updates for SAP Business One Version 10 are as follows:

You can read about them all and watch our video resources all in one place here. But lets focus on Inventory and Distribution updates today and get into the nitty gritty! 

Inventory and Distribution Updated Features

1. Item Master Data

After the V10 update, you have the ability to change the UoM group of an item if the new UoM group includes the set of conversion rules of the original UoM group.

When you update the description for an item in the item master data window, which is connected to a bill of materials, the Product Description in the Bill of Materials window can be updated as well.

2. Serial Number and Batch Management

You can easily update serial numbers and batches for A/R reserve invoices and inventory transfer requests. You can also now display the destination warehouse code and name through Form Settings when you update serial numbers or batches for inventory transfers or inventory transfer requests.

3. Group Name Enhancement

You can now enter up to 100 characters in the following fields:

● The Item Group Name field of the Item Groups - Setup window
● Group name fields of related windows

4. Link Arrow

You can navigate from a bill of materials parent item in any window directly to the Item Master Data window, instead of the Bill of Materials window, by selecting the link arrow next to the item.

5. Unit of Measure

In the Administration > Setup > Inventory > Unit of Measure Groups > Group Definition - Setup window, you can deselect the Active checkbox for a Unit of Measure (UoM) to set it as inactive, even when the UoM is used in open sales or purchasing documents.

When a UoM is inactive, it is hidden in the following objects:

● Any drop-down list or choose from list of UoMs. In addition, the Bar Code of the inactive item is hidden.
● The following windows in the Item Master Data window:

   ○ The Purchasing UoM and P0ackage Types window.

   ○ The Sales UoM and Package Types window.

An inactive UoM remains displayed in the following objects if it is selected beforehand:

● The UoM Code column in an open document.
● The Pricing Unit field in the Item Master Data window.
● The Unit Code column in the [Price List Name] - UoM Prices window.
● The Unit Code column in the > Special Prices for Business Partners > Special Prices - Period Discounts / Special Prices - Volume Discounts > Volume Discounts window.

6. Forward Batches and Serials Trace Report

You can track and trace the complete history of the supply details of any batch or serial item to production and customers.

7. Reverse Batches and Serials Trace Report

You can track and trace the complete source details of any batch or serial item from production and suppliers.

8. FIFO Layers Report by Consumption Order

You can now use the new FIFO Layers Report by Consumption Order to view the quantities and values of FIFO items in each open layer.

9. Inventory Valuation Simulation Report for All Localizations

In all localizations, you can recalculate the value of inventory, in various valuation methods, through the Inventory Valuation Simulation Report.

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