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Crystal Reports, owned by SAP, is the default reporting tool for many Applications throughout the world and is provided at no cost and is included for SAP Business One.

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Firstly, Crystal Reports connects to the SAP Business One database on both MS-SQL and SAP HANA platform.

So what would you use Crystal Reports for SAP Business One to typically create for the business? We find this would be Tabular reports, dashboards, graphs and document layouts are typical of the type of outputs that can be generated using this industry standard reporting tool. These outputs can also be exported to PDF and other standard export formats. Reports can also be shown on the SAP Business One Mobile App. Scheduling and emailing Crystal Reports is also possible using the SAP Integration tool known as B1iF.

Before we dive into the details of each report, here is a quick video explaining SAP Business One Analytics & Reporting for you. 

SAP Business One – Crystal Reports Features


Crystal Reports directly integrates with the SAP Business One application, there is an additional file menu within SAP Crystal Reports to connect, save and preview reports within SAP as shown in the screen below.

SAP Business One Crystal Reports

Input and Selection

Standard SAP Business One input prompts can also be initiated from within Crystal Reports. In the below example, Crystal Reports is displaying the customary Business Partner prompt.

SAP Business One Input prompts business partner

SAP Business One Crystal Reports – Options

Tabular reports:

Below is a screen shot of Item Sales Analysis Report. Data within the report can be sorted, grouped and highlighted to identify any anomaly.

SAP Business One Sales Analysis Report

SAP Business One Charts:

Visual displays can be easily created using Crystal Report Chart Expert Tool.
Below, the Pie chart Sales by State, shows New South Wales (NSW) highlighted in blue as the Second Best State with 24% of the total sales statewide.

SAP Business One Graph Reporting

SAP Business One Dashboards:

Simple real time dashboard can be designed using Crystal Reports. The screen shot below shows the Sales transactions by Item Group and Top 5 Products sold.

SAP Business One Dashboard Reporting

SAP Business One Document Layouts:

Professional looking document layouts, such as Invoices, Customer Statements etc can be created using Crystal Reports Section and Grouping Expert tool. Below is a section of Order Confirmation Document.

SAP Business One Document Layout

SAP Business One Report Security: 

Crystal Report uses the SAP authorisation to manage and control access to reporting information. To access a report, the User will need to be assigned authorisation. The below screen shot, the current user has no authorisation to run the Item Sales Analysis Report.

SAP Business One Report Security

SAP Business One Customised Reports for Mobile Access: 

There is a check button (Visible for Mobile) option on the report setup menu, to display the report on a SAP Business One Mobile app.

SAP Business One Mobile Report Administration

SAP Business One Crystal Reports Scheduling and Email: 

Crystal Reports can be scheduled and emailed using the SAP Business One Integration Framework Tool, B1If.

SAP Business One Reports Emailed and Scheduled

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