SAP Business One Version 10 - Supported Platform

SAP Business One is now supported by SAP as Version 10 with general availability and upgrade plans available. SAP Business One features and updates are very useful for all users and the improvements are worth taking a look at! 

The main updates for SAP Business One Version 10 are as follows:

We have placed all resources related to SAP Business Version 10 on this page for your convenience! We have also outlined the details of platform and extensibility & Lifecycle Management below.

Platform and Extensibility

1. Service Layer Supports Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Previously, Service Layer only supported SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA. As of release 10.0 patch level 01, Service Layer also supports SAP Business One that runs on Microsoft SQL Server.

2. Service Layer Supports SQL View Exposure

As of SAP Business One 10.0 patch level 02, Service Layer on Microsoft SQL Server can discover and expose regular customized SQL views in OData V3/V4 protocol:

● A new entity SQL Views is introduced to expose customised views.

● A unique endpoint view.svc is used for the view service.

● The view service enables you to perform basic OData queries on exposed views.

3. Service Layer Configuration Controller

As of SAP Business One 10.0 patch level 02, a configuration controller for Service Layer is available which provides a user-friendly interface to update configuration parameters and have them take effect. Such an operation previously required modifying configuration text files directly and manually restarting the Service Layer. The configuration controller also allows you to perform other functions, such as force restart the Service Layer, download Service Layer logs, and dynamically add and remove Service Layer nodes.

4. Support Expiration Date

Previously, customers knew their support expiration date with SAP through their partners. As of release 10.0, this information is available and transparent to customers directly from SAP.
You can get the information in the Support Expiration Date field from the About SAP Business One window under the Help menu.

5. API Gateway

As of release 10.0 patch level 02, the API Gateway is available for you to access business data with a unified service endpoint. It provides you with one-time authentication to access Crystal Reports. The data are connected to the SAP Business One database and can be consumed on other user interfaces.

6. User-Defined Values Multiple Trigger

Previously, a user-defined value could be refreshed by a change in a desired field in a window. As of release 10.0, user-defined values can be refreshed by any changes in multiple fields you have defined.

You can select up to 5 fields under the Auto Refresh When Field Changes checkbox from > Tools > Customization Tools > User-Defined Values – Setup.

7. Extend FormID Field Length to 100 Chars

Previously, the maximum length of the FormID field in database table CSHS and the Code field in database table OUDO was 20 characters. As of release 10.0, the length of the fields is extended to 100 characters.

8. Increase Menu Item Limit to 2,000

Previously, the number of user-defined menu items was limited to 1,000. As of release 10.0, the maximum number for user-defined menu items is increased to a theoretical maximum limit of up to 2,000.

9. Recurring Postings and Posting Templates are Exposed

As of release 10.0 patch level 01, the objects RecurringPostingsService and PostingTemplatesService are exposed in DI API and Service Layer.

10. SAP Crystal Reports, version for the SAP Business One application

As of release 10.0 patch level 02, SAP Crystal Reports 2016 SP7, version for the SAP Business One application is available.

Lifecycle Management

11. Microsoft SQL Server Database

As of release 10.0 patch level 00, SAP Business One supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017. As of release 10.0 patch level 02, SAP Business One supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019, 2017 and 2016.

12. Supporting Only 64-bit Windows Operating System

As of release 10.0, SAP Business One supports only the 64-bit Windows operating system. In line with this, the following 32-bit SAP Business One components are removed from the SAP Business One product CD (installation package or upgrade package).

● Add-Ons

● SAP Business One Studio

● SAP Business One Client

● Crystal Server Integration

● Data Transfer Workbench


● Outlook Integration Standalone

● Solution Packager

To use the SAP Business One add-ons in SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One, the 32-bit DI API is renamed as DI API Legacy Package and moved to the /Packages.x64 folder.

Automatic migration of removed 32-bit components to 64-bit components is not possible. You must manually uninstall the 32-bit components installed previously, and then install the 64-bit SAP Business One components using the Setup Wizard.

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