SAP Business One - CRM Campaign Manager

SAP Business One CRM - Campaign Management

SAP Business One lets you create, maintain, and analyse your marketing event information using the campaign management feature. Below is a quick video giving you an overview of campaign management from SAP Business One CRM version 9.3 onwards and below we also provided you with a step-by-step guide informing you on how to manage a promotional campaign in SAP Business One Customer Relationship Management System.

Creating a Campaign Using the Campaign Generation Wizard in
SAP Business One

Use the Campaign Generation Wizard to create promotional campaigns targeted at your prospects. This wizard guides you step-by-step through the definition of parameters required to generate campaigns in campaign manager.


From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Business Partners Campaign Generation Wizard and follow the steps of the wizard. In each step, choose Next to continue or Back to return to the previous step.

Step 1: Campaign Generation Options

To create a new campaign according to a new parameter set, select Create New Campaign.
To create a new campaign based on the parameter set of an existing campaign, select Create Campaign Based on Existing Campaign.

Step 2: Campaign Details

Specify detailed information for the campaign.

Step 3: Business Partners

The table displays all business partners of the Target Group you specified in step 2. You can add or delete business partners, or change business partner information, if necessary.

Step 4: Save & Execute Options

Do one of the following:
To save the campaign without executing it, select Save Campaign and Exit.
To save the campaign and execute it, select Save Campaign and Execute and then select an execution method.

Step 5: Summary Report

The report displays summarised information of the campaign you generated in campaign manager in SAP Business One CRM.

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