Let the MYOB Advanced General Ledger work for you

Bring all of your information together with MYOB Advanced General Ledger functionality. Completely integrated across your entire ERP software, General Ledger gives you access to comprehensive and flexible reporting and analysis.

So what are the high level features of Australia's leading Cloud ERP MYOB Advanced General Ledger, the hub of the system?

Flexible Account Structures

Structure your accounts and sub-accounts in a way that works best for you, and enhance your reporting with organised segments.

Account Security

Protect sensitive data with role and access permissions at each account and sub-account

Multiple Dimension Reporting

Use sub-accounts to completely customise your reporting and analysis by segmenting and slicing your data into unlimited dimensions.

Consolidated General Ledgers

Easily consolidate all of your data from multiple entities and accounts - regardless of their different currencies or account structures.

Advanced Financial Reporting

Distribute your reports in Excel or PDF, or publish them online. Need to segment your data? No problem. Design your financial statements using configured hierarchy and sub-account segment structures.

Drill Down to Original Documents

Need to quickly gain access to your General Ledger reports? Do so easily with an array of inquiry screens and reports at your fingertips. You can even trace your transaction back to the original document - even if the transaction was created elsewhere.

Audit Trails

Track all modifications to transaction history via a user ID to give you a comprehensive audit trail for all journal transactions. Notes and supporting documents can be attached directly to transactions.

Accounts Budgeting and Budget Approval

Need some help with planning your budget? Grant access rights for your team members to gain their input whilst protecting sensitive information like salaries. You can even maintain different budget scenarios to help with your forecasting, and approved budgets can then be used in your analysis reports and comparative statements.

On-The-Fly Sub-Account Entry

Efficiently maintain your ongoing reports by creating on-the-fly subaccount segments during data entry.

Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries

Quickly and easily reverse your General Ledger transactions with just one click. You can even set the reversing entries to automatically generate when the financial period closes.

Flexible Configuration of Financial Periods

A range of configuration options let you adjust your financial periods to best suit your business. Define monthly, bi-monthly, annual or custom financial periods; or keep them open as long as required to complete your data entry.

Multiple Currencies Support

Manage your international business with ease with the ability to simultaneously maintain balances in base and foreign currency. See Currency Management for more details.

Automatic Allocation of GL Balances

Predefine allocation rules for your balances based on percentages, quantities, statistical data and more. Once defined, use these rules to distribute account balances over multiple accounts and sub-accounts.

Recurring Transactions

Setup recurring transactions based on specific schedules and time periods. Make it your own with customised design templates of expiration dates and execution schedules.

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