A Day In A Life Of A Financial Controller - SAP Business One

A Day In A Life Of A
Financial Controller - SAP Business One

Introducing Enterpryze for SAP Business One

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software today is an integral part of modern businesses and financial controllers. It gives your business a world full of possibilities and functionalities which are designed to address inventory requirements, manage production function and manages many projects all in one place from anywhere, anytime. But how does it help a Financial Controller efficiently improve their processes and minimise manual work?  

Take the example of Dan, a Financial Controller. Before using Enterpryze, all the systems used around the business were disconnected, the processes were not streamlined causing the processing time to be very slow, departments were disconnected so Dan had to chase up information, and due to little access to information, he had to be in the office, connected to their system to fix these problems. This created a backlog of processes causing him to become overloaded with work. The company also missed growth opportunities because of this backlog.

With the introduction of Enterpryze and its online and offline capabilities, Dan now has access to detailed analytics from multiple departments online and offline, he can easily collaborate with multiple departments all in one place, and real-time reporting is readily available. This in turn is allowing the company to see new opportunities for growth. 

Through its range of mobile apps and easy-to-use web browser, Dan can get through his processes whether he’s in the office or on the go.

So What Is Enterpryze for SAP Business One?

Enterpryze is a complete business management solution designed to help you connect SAP Business One to the rest of the people in your company.

For example, if 20% of your employees have access to an SAP Business One licence, Enterpryze can connect the remaining 80% of employees to your SAP database. This is done via a mobile suite of apps along with a web application.

Enterpryze enables all small businesses to harness the latest in cloud and mobile technology allowing small business employees and employers to help run their business anytime and anywhere. Being able to run your business on the go, anytime and anywhere helps your business to grow and expand faster than a business reluctant to help digitalise its process.

Enterpryze provides businesses with innovative mobile-first technology to manage your whole business from end to end. It enables scale from start-up to 100s of users without ever having to change software. It is the first affordable and disruptive web and mobile-based platform for SMEs.

Download Enterpryze Introduction Brochure

ENTERPRYZE (2)Download Enterpryze introduction brochure to learn more about each of the 7 apps and their functionality and benefits when used with SAP Business One. There is detailed information on all apps which include: 

  1. Enterpryze Sales for SAP Business One
  2. Enterpryze Service for SAP Business One
  3. Enterpryze Van Sell for SAP Business One
  4. Enterpryze Purchase for SAP Business One
  5. Enterpryze Deliver for SAP Business One
  6. Enterpryze Finance for SAP Business One
  7. Enterpryze Expense for SAP Business One

Some of the pages included are: 


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