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Defining the challenges of a growing business

Is your growing business experiencing challenges due to the addition of multiple locations, hiring more staff to deal with the increased workload, introduction of new products and services and increased transactional value?

Download this eBook which discusses the challenges of a growing business in detail and outlines possible solutions to overcome such pain points.


What are the challenges of  a growing business?

All businesses depend on the efficiency of the interaction between three components: the people, the procedures, and the tools and systems used by the business. Is your business interaction in harmony with each other?

As a business grows in size and complexity, the interaction between the organisation, processes and systems of a business can become stressed by a number of growth-driving activities mentioned below.

Download this eBook to learn more about each of the challenges in more detail and how your business can overcome these challenges.

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Addition of more staff

Increased transaction value

Increased transaction value

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New products and services

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More business locations to manage

This eBook includes

An in-depth discussion on the challenges of a growing business and how a business can potentially overcome each one of them. Topics include:

  • The effects of growth in new products and services
  • The effects of a growth in transactional volume
  • The effects of a growth in staff numbers
  • The effects of a growth in business locations
  • How to find appropriate systems to harmonise the interaction between your people and procedures.

A shareable infographic outlining the challenges of a growing business and potential solutions of those challenges is available to download below. The infographic does not require your details to download. Please click and collect and share with your colleagues. 



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