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18 Crucial Reasons You Should Implement an Integrated Business Platform to enable eCommerce

According to Forrester Research, online sales have nearly doubled from $370B to $602B and it continues to grow. These statistics are causing retailers to think beyond their brick and mortar higher sustainability for their businesses.


Is your store in lock-step with your Business Platform Solution?

Most retailers have their e-commerce platform and ERP systems disconnected or partially connected leading to silos of data and therefore failing to optimize business performance in many ways.
Under such circumstances, valuable time is lost trying to manually synchronize data between multiple channels. Not only that, but businesses also miss opportunities to increase customer loyalty thereby increasing sales.
Consider the possibility of automatically syncing data between your E-commerce and ERP system - saving a great deal of time and effort which now can be better utilized to improve customer experience. That is not the end of it. Integrating your E-commerce and ERP systems can this eBook.


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