SAP Business One
Workshop Bundle Pack

Download our 5 most popular SAP Business One Workshop brochures in one and see the typical content that our Consultants take you through to appreciate everything about SAP Business One Distribution, SAP Business One Warehousing, SAP Business One Financials, SAP Business One Manufacturing along with a simple eBook that gives you an overview of SAP Business One!

Everything you need to know about a typical Workshop to introduce Financials, Inventory, Distribution, Production and Warehousing!

with SAP Business One

Make smarter decisions for your business and have complete visibility in one place. 

SAP Business One is an Enterprise Resource Planning System that suits small-to-medium organisations such as Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, eCommerce and more. 

Here we are offering 5 of our most popular workshop brochures that cover 5 modules of SAP Business One. These are: An overview of SAP Business One, SAP Business One Distribution, SAP Business One Manufacturing, SAP Business One Warehousing & EDI, and SAP Business One Financials. 


In these Workshop brochures you will find:

SME with SAP Business One - An Overview


This workshop provides an overview of SAP Business One and the benefits of this unified system: Topics will include: 

  • How SAP Business One can help you successfully manage and grow your business.
  • A complete and customisable solution
  • Managing Financials in SAP Business One
  • Managing CRM in SAP Business one
  • Managing Inventory & Distribution In SAP Business One
  • Business intelligence, Analytics and Reporting with SAP Business One
  • How SAP Business One can suit your Business

SAP Business One Distribution


The SAP Business One Distribution Management workshop brochure shows the typical aspects that we cover:

  • SAP Business One Quote to Cash
  • SAP Business One Customer Pricing options
  • SAP Business One - Purchase Planning 
  • SAP Business One Solution Flexibility and how SAP Business One Distribution is integrated within:
    - Financial Management Suite
    - Production & MRP Software Suite
    - Customer Management Suite
    - Service Management
    - EDI Integration

SAP Business One Manufacturing


SAP Business One provides a perfect solution for the Make-To-Stock Manufacturer. Our workshop will take you through the benefits of this unified system including:

  • Drive Demand direct from a Sales Order
  • Drive Demand from MRP
  • Bill of Material Types
  • Assembly/Disassembly Production Orders
  • On the fly Production Orders - without BOMS
  • Financial & Inventory Real Time Monitoring
  • MRP scenarios specifying planning horizon

SAP Business One Warehousing & EDI


This workshop brochure describes various touch points that we will discuss and demonstrate:

  • SAP Business One incorporating demand through direct and indirect integration
  • SAP Business One paper-based and Paper-less Warehousing
  • Cloud Factory's role in helping you implement a Warehousing & EDI system successfully


SAP Business One Finance


Financials is the core of your business but in SAP Business One it is core-set up for every aspect of the system. If Finance touch-points are not set up across all of the mdoule capabilities then yoru reporting is either going to be time-consuming or impossible? In this workshop we will cover: 

  • Structure of Financial Accounting
  • Cost/Project/Dimensional Codes
  • Budgeting
  • Pre-built Phocas KPI/Dashboard Templates
  • SAP Business One Solution Flexibility


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