Supply Chain Automation - What is it & how can it benefit your business?

Demand for flexible, accurate and nimble supply chain logistics is on the rise. In 2021, during the pandemic, the supply chain industry saw a rise in hiring new staff to keep up with consumer demand. But they also saw a need to automate their everyday processes in order to streamline some of their tasks and save time and costs as a result. 

So what exactly is Supply Chain Automation and which time-consuming tasks can it manage successfully?

What is Supply Chain Automation?


Simply put, Supply Chain Automation uses digital technologies to centrally connect applications, improve efficiencies within the team and streamline processes within supply chain operations. 

Supply Chain has many moving parts and is constantly evolving to adapt to external influences. This is only possible with visibility of costs, lead-times, shortages and many other elements. For example, products need to be tracked from their source, managed in the warehouse, manufactured or assembled and then shipped to their final destination where the end customer receives them within the expected time frame. During this process, costs and key data points related to the performance of the supply chain need to be gathered so that further optimisations can be made to the chain. 

While futuristic technologies could work for some companies, not everyone is ready to make use of robotics. However, simple automation and processes could dramatically reduce costs in the warehouse and improve efficiencies. 

How can Supply Chain Automation help your business grow?


Keep ahead of supply chain demands

It's always important to have the right stock at the right time and cost however the current supply and demand reality would require a crystal ball in order to keep ahead and not sink all your cash flow into overstocking in order to ensure market competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Luckily for us, we have tools available to help automate some of the planning and modelling required to be competitive and grow our customer base. In reality, we believe that the three pillars that most support your supply chain are Visibility, Agility and Resilience. In short, you cannot manage what you cannot see, plan for what you don’t know and execute if you aren’t aligned.

Transparency of operations 

Transparency of Operations

An automated online ordering system produces more than just an electronic invoice – it is a point of communication that businesses can use to provide updates to customers during the entire order management and fulfilment process.

Informed customers are less likely to make regular enquiries and they are less likely to call the call centres. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the pressure put on the call centre staff, thereby enabling you to keep a lean team. 

Ever-evolving customer expectations

In today's world many companies are setting new standards for customers with their rapid deliveries, 24/7 accessibility, last-minute changes and easy returns with innovative service options such as Amazon Key In-Car Delivery, Businesses are facing new standards of expectations. To be able to meet these expectations while also increasing or maintaining profitability and cash flow, Companies are looking to technology such as robotics, IoT, artificial intelligence, automation equipment and predictive analytics to accomplish these objectives. 

How we can help?

Cloud Factory can help you!

  • We have the business knowledge and technical skills to help you tailor, and possibly customise solutions for your business.
  • Our team will be keen to understand your challenges. offer advice from our years of experience and demonstrate solutions that will enable and empower your business.
  • We will establish the overall scope and budget for your project through reviews and discussion and determine the solution best able to fit your business needs.
  • Together we will discuss and establish your project and go-live plans.
  • We can provide a “test system” to perform activities safely before going live.
  • As and when product enhancements are released and/or your business grows, we can continue to fine-tune the solution to fit your new needs.
  • and finally get the most out of your investment in your systems by attending our online monthly User Groups and annual gathering of customers, partners, and Vendor representatives.

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