SAP Business One Version 10 - Office 365 and Printing Enhancements

SAP Business One launched version 10 of their software with general availability in May. The exciting updates are worth taking a look at because they have improved user experience. 

The main updates for SAP Business One Version 10 are as follows:

Have a read of each of the enhancement and watch recommended video resources all in one place  here. For your convenience, we have outlined the details of the Office 365 enhancement below. For detailed discussion on the other enhancements, click below!

SAP Business One V10 - Finanacial Management 

SAP Business One V10 - Sales and Purchasing Enhancements

SAP Business One V10 - Inventory and Distribution Enhancements

Office 365 Enhancements

1. SAP Business One Office 365 Integration

You can now use the SAP Business One Office 365 Integration feature to export documents, reports and queries to Microsoft OneDrive as Word or Excel files, and view them online. You can also design your own export templates.

2. Approval Process

You can enable authorizers to update a document draft that is in pending status.

3. Printing Preferences

You can print and mail service calls and service contracts and can export them to PDF, immediately after they are created.

4. Authorization

You can now define different access rights to different tabs in the Item Master Data and Business Partner Master Data windows for your users or user groups.

5. Posting Periods

In the Posting Periods window, you are now able to:

● Sort the data in any column using either the mouse and keyboard, or the Sort Table window.

● Search for data in the (first) sorted column using the Find field.

● Automatically set the Due Date To date of the new posting period to the last day of the selected month of the next fiscal year.

6. Display User Name

The User Name field is added to the following tabs:

●Administration > License > License Administration> Allocation tab and Assignment tab

●Administration > Add-Ons > Add-On Administration > User Preferences tab

Sorting by user code or user name is supported.

7. Screen Display

The following windows now support full-screen display:

●General Settings

●Posting Periods

●Company Details

●Print Preferences

●Internal Reconciliations and Reconciliation (now available also when the Reconciliation Type is Semi-Automatic)

●Checks for Payment

●Document Generation Wizard

●Update Special Prices Globally

●Trial Balance Revaluation

●General Ledger

●Layout and Sequence

●Request for Generation Approval

●Approval Stages

●Export Transactions to SAP Business One

●Payment Methods

●Payment Terms

●Authorization Groups Setup in Query Manager

●Report and Layout Manager

●User Defined FieldsField Data

●Configuration Management

●Cash Flow

●Add-On Manager

8. Hide Toolbar

You can now hide the toolbar to increase your working area if needed.

9. Change User or Switch Company

User Name and Company Name are moved to the top center of the SAP Business One screen. Clicking it opens the Choose Company window directly for changing the user or switching the company.

10. Authorization Groups for Price Lists

6 new authorization groups are added for price lists. You can specify an authorization group for a price list and assign authorizations to the group for different users or user groups.

11. Live Collaboration Conversation History

Live Collaboration conversation history can be deleted by date range.

12. External Calculation of VAT Through DI API or Service Layer for More Localizations

You can amend the external tax amount field on sales documents through DI API or Service Layer in EU, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Central MENA, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and Ukraine localizations. The functionality is enabled through the option Allow External Calculation of Tax on A/R Documents on the Accounting Data tab of the Company Details window. This feature was enabled in SAP Business One 9.3 patch level 11 in the US localization.

13. Enable Multiple Scheduling for Service Calls

The checkbox Enable Multiple Scheduling for Service Calls is moved from the General tab in the Document Settings window to the Per Document tab in the Service Call document.

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