SAP Business One Version 10 - Financial Management

SAP has launched SAP Business One Version 10 this month with General Availability. The updates are made keeping in mind that they help you and your business streamline and grow. Here's what you need to know.

All the 13 updates for SAP Business One Version 10 are outlined in the videos below:

You can get all the updates and watch our video resources all in one place here. But let's also deep dive into what updates have been made to Financial Management specifically. 

Financial Management Enhancements

1. Journal Entry Remarks

You can now enter up to 254 characters in the Remarks field of journal entries, and journal remarks fields of various documents.

2. Financial Reports

You can now open accounts and business partner master data directly from the following reports using the link arrows appearing before the names of accounts or business partners:

● Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement
● Balance Sheet Comparison, Trial Balance Comparison, Profit and Loss Comparison
● Balance Sheet Budget Report, Trial Balance Budget Report, Profit and Loss Statement Budget Report

3. Multiple Branch Year-End Closing for All Localizations

In all localizations, you can create profit and loss statements or balance sheets for individual branches as part of multiple branch setup. In the Period-End Closing window, you can filter by individual branch.

4. Automatic Journal Entry Creation for MTD in the UK

In the localization for the UK, journal entries are created automatically from the Electronic Documents Monitor when VAT Reports are successfully approved by HMRC through MTD.

5. ANX Report Generation Function in India

As of release 10.0 patch level 02, you can use the new window GST Report - ANX (FinancialsFinancial Reports or ReportsFinancials) to generate any of the following sections in one step:

● B2C
● B2B
● DE

The GST Report - ANX window supports multiple GSTINs are in this window. You can choose either one or all GSTINs defined in your company.

In the coming weeks we will outline all the updates in detail and keeping you updated. To make sure you don't miss out on the updates, please subscribe to receive the updates in your mailbox. For any questions or information about the update, please contact by clicking below!


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