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Cloud Factory Support IoT Integration for SAP Business One!

If you are building an application that integrates to SAP Business One, you are spoiled for choice these days.

The Range of SAP Business One Integration choice has expanded!

Cloud Factory integrate applications utilising the SAP Business One Integration Framework (B1i). This framework has grown to become a core component of the overall offering. The biggest difference with B1i is that it offers more than just an API, (which, in many respects, is what the new Service Layer on SAP HANA offers) and the integration is based more on document-level integration with a set of additional tools that deliver Business Process Modelling and Business Process Flow capabilities.

However, more importantly, a number of different deployment options as well could be considered. These options range from a lightweight solution running on raspberry Pi (and the associated Raspbian Linux O/S) to potentially a standalone platform as a potential solution to other platform integration challenges. Bringing IoT into the SAP Business One Mix

Of course, with the Internet of Things (IoT) being an area of interest and developing opportunity for businesses of all sizes, the potential application of B1i as a component of an IoT strategy must be considered. Including process control, data capture, and process monitoring, this is where the lightweight B1i option can fit; running on a low-cost, robust platform (like Raspberry Pi) that has all kinds of plug-in capabilities for data capture.

The video above shows a demo that the Cloud Factory SAP solution architects have been showing at recent events, including ISUG!

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