SAP Business One - Email Set-up and Automation of document sending

How to email documents upon creation in SAP Business One?

Firstly, you need to define whether to send e-mails by Outlook or SAP Business One Mailer. From SAP Business One Main Menu choose: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings and select the preferred default method for sending e-mails.

In our example, we choose to use Outlook:

Using Outlook to send e-mails

Define which documents should be e-mailed upon creation. For example, if you want A/R Invoices to me sent by e-mail once added, choose: Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings > Per Document tab > A/R Invoice. Under the section “When Adding Document:”, select the “E-Mail Document” checkbox. In the E-Mail Subject and E-Mail Body sections you can enter text that will be populated automatically in the e-mail when the document is sent.

Instructions on how to email documents upon creation in SAP Business One

After adding the document, an A/R Invoice in our example, an e-mail message opens with the A/R Invoice attached and the pre-configured subject and body text.

A sample e-mail message showing the attachment and pre-configured subject and body text

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