SAP Business One Integration Framework Connector: SAP B1iF

What is SAP B1iF?

SAP B1iF stands for "SAP Business One Integration Framework" and is the method that SAP use to connect SAP Business One to their standard integrations such as Mobility or Intercompany or use to connect SAP Business One sites to corporate SAP sites for key integration scenarios. 

The SAP Business One Integration Connector allows the integration of different applications and technologies to and from SAP Business One via open and non-proprietary standards. It uses the Internet as a communication platform and allows you to highly automate your business processes through what are known as web services. Thus, the SAP Business One Integration Connector seamlessly integrates different IT architectures to the SAP Business One "Digital Hub".

All SAP Business One data is accessible via standard Web API's that can be made available over the Internet as secure XML-based services. This XML service layer makes SAP data available to other applications either within the client organisation or other partners over the Internet. The other applications do not need any understanding of SAP Business One or internal data structures.

SAP Business One Connector B1iF

The SAP Business One Connector allows bi-directional communication to and from target systems. This way, a single SAP Business One function call can instantly invoke application services published by the SAP Business One Connector, making the information of the target application available. You can deploy the SAP Business One Integration Connector, B1iF, to simply but effectively achieve business-to-business integration between trading partners, thereby extending the reach of your SAP infrastructure to customers, partners and suppliers.

Examples for applications may include real-time integration between supplier inventories and your SAP system, multi-vendor product, price and availability information and your purchasing application, or fulfilment and order tracking applications and your shippers' internal systems.

Deployment of SAP Business Connector happens in a matter of days rather than months. By reusing existing infrastructure and know-how, the cost of deployment is low. SAP Business Connector allows you to increase efficiency across the supply chain and customer loyalty by tightly integrating your business infrastructure with target data sources.

SAP Business One - Modeller

The SAP Business One integration approach incorporates both technology, data, and business processes to deliver significant value to your business. It accelerates the speed of innovation, lowers the efforts for integration, and reduces the complexity of operations via drag and drop modelling tool.

SAP Business One Connector Model

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