MYOB Advanced License Costs

MYOB Advanced, since its launch, has become one of the most competitive ERP systems in the Australian Mid-Market. Examine the User Interface, Consider the reporting capabilities and then review the depth of capability of each aspect.  From deep Financials to Supply Chain Management to Project Accounting and from 5 users to 500 users - MYOB and Cloud Factory have you covered!

The pricing of MYOB Advanced in Australia is positioned in the industry in a way in which it competes in capabilities with the "Big Names" yet provides the smaller user with implementation capabilities to deploy the Foundation Fundamentals that a small to medium business can afford.

What is MYOB Advanced?


MYOB Advanced is a Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning System for small-to-mid sized businesses. Acumatica is the main developer of this solution. MYOB has taken this class leading solution and made it ready for the Australian and New Zealand marketplace with capabilities such as Payroll and Bank Feeds. The proud local hosting provider for MYOB Advanced is Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

The solution has been a tremendous success for Small-to-Medium Businesses since its launch because it solves challenges of a growing business. MYOB Advanced can help you streamline your  business if you resonate with one or more of the categories below. 

  • Are you a growing and evolving businesses that has outgrown its current financial or accounting systems? Are you looking to implement a more seamless, integrated and functional solution? A number of our clients that have moved to MYOB Advanced came from basic accounting software such as Quickbooks or Xero. 
  • Are you the type of businesses that needs a solution that can be accessed anytime from anywhere? With the ability to be in the Cloud, MYOB advanced is perfect for businesses like yours that has staff working remotely, in multiple locations such the distribution centres, retail stores and their warehouses, or offline. 
  • Are you a growing businesses with multiple brands or companies? Business like yours also require a consolidated solution to avoid data duplication. Some of our customers such as Woolcock Group especially found this ability helpful. 

MYOB Advanced Pricing in Australia explained: What does it include and how much is it?

The pricing of MYOB Advanced is structured on a per-user, per-month basis. Each MYOB Advanced license cost starts from $104 per user, per month. As an example if you were to get 5 users it will cost you $520 per month or $6,240.00 per year in total. Against this cost you now no longer need a range of add-ons such as Inventory Management, Cross Module Reporting, CRM etc.  The fact that MYOB manage the systems

*This is only an example, for actual MYOB Advanced Pricing keep reading or get a personalised quote from us.

*This price is valid as of November 1, 2019. 

There are three different editions of MYOB Advanced featuring its own pricing and functionalities. Depending on which plan you go for (shown above), you will get difference functionality and different pricing. MYOB Advanced can also be customised with the help of API or Integrations. 

Are there additional maintenance costs for MYOB Advanced?


The good news with MYOB Advanced is because it is hosted in the cloud in a secure data centre which is maintained and monitored by MYOB, there are no additional on-premise hosting charges for you. You also don't need an IT team to maintain it internally. 

MYOB Advanced pricing structure scales to your businesses. This means that you can add as many users as you need when you are growing, or scale down as you need and you only have to pay for what you use. 


In conclusion, MYOB Advanced is an ERP system which is built to complement SMBs and their needs. Especially for businesses which have outgrown their current accounting systems. 

The competitive pricing of MYOB Advanced in Australia makes it a very attractive solution for many mid-market businesses and it's flexibility to integrate with third party tools to suit your specific needs ads to its 'wow' factor. 

It comes with various business management applications such as FinancialsProject Accounting, and Inventory Management to CRM

With a subscription type price plan set per user, per month, MYOB Advanced gives you all the functionalities of an ERP system and gives you the freedom to have it fully managed and maintained elsewhere. 

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