MYOB Advanced Field Service Management: Mobile Scheduling and Despatch

MYOB Advanced Field Service Management

  • MYOB Advanced Field Service Management Scheduling and Despatch

  • MYOB Advanced Mobility for Field Service Management

MYOB Advanced Field Service Management (FSM) deployments are defined as simply enabling and managing our client’s resources and work force who are deployed in offsite locations or who do their job at the customer’s location – using mobile field service software.

Examples of industries who utilise FSM are IT Services, Telecommunications, in-home health care providers, Utilities, Landscaping, Home/Office Cleaning and HVAC repair businesses.

Our clients technicians often work directly with the consumer and may sometimes be the only direct contact between the customer and the company; their interaction is significant to the overall success of the operation. With this in mind, our intent behind implementing MYOB Advanced Field Service software is to enable the entire company to have a single solution to meet – and hopefully exceed – not only all of our clients stakeholders but more importantly their customer’s expectations in terms of new efficiencies, timeliness, cost, and customer satisfaction.

What capability does MYOB Advanced Field Service Management provide?

  • MYOB Advanced Optimised Route Planning

  • MYOB Advanced Inventory Management by Location

  • MYOB Advanced Service Contract Management

  • MYOB Advanced Mobile Service Management

  • MYOB Advanced Emergency Service Calls

  • MYOB Advanced Equipment Maintenance

  • MYOB Advanced Warranty Management

  • MYOB Advanced CRM

  • MYOB Advanced Project Costs (Large Installations)

  • MYOB Advanced Financials

  • MYOB Advanced Warehousing

A FSM scenario managed by MYOB Advanced Field service management software

Here are the steps of a typical appointment and how they look with the right field service software.

  • MYOB Advanced Field Service: Customer requests a service

The field service appointment begins when one of your customers contacts your company to request a service. Whether the customer contacts you by phone or email or through the MYOB Advanced B2B Portal, a despatcher quickly enters the customer information, the location where the service is going to be performed, the service that needs to be completed, and any other relevant notes or instructions for the field technician.

MYOB Advanced Field Service Calendar

MYOB Advanced Field Service Scheduling

Once the appointment has been created, and allocated to the Service Technician according to location and/or skill it’s immediately available on the mobile device of the field technician. In fact, the technician’s phone displays a list of all upcoming appointments. This list is searchable by parameters, such as a geographic area.

  • MYOB Advanced Field Service Management: Mobilising the Field Service Technician

When the field technician selects an appointment from the list and clicks “View on Map,” the MYOB Advanced Mobile application utilises the mobile device’s maps application will pinpoint the appointment location. The technician can immediately get directions and begin travelling.
MYOB Advanced Field Service Mobile
The appointment screen also has information about whom the field technician will be meeting at the appointment and displays comments as entered by the Despatcher. If the technician is delayed, he or she can simply click a button to call the customer and let them know.

  •  MYOB Advanced Field Service Management: Managing the Client Call

After arriving, the field technician clicks “Start Appointment.” on the MYOB Advanced Field Service Mobile application. In addition to recording the appointment that is now in process, the mobile device will capture GPS data to record the exact location of the appointment. The technician can also use the device to capture pictures of the environment and equipment.

MYOB Advanced Field Service Management software also makes it easy to track inventory. During the course of the appointment, the technician can record in the application which inventory items they pulled from their vehicle to perform the service. This real-time inventory tracking gives your finance and accounting department the information they need to generate an invoice for all items and enables your purchasing department to keep an accurate record of on-hand inventory.

  • MYOB Advanced Field Service Management: Completing the Call

Once the appointment is nearing completion, the field technician can record any information that might be needed for MYOB Advanced to Invoice (such as the person who is going to approve the service), add any relevant comments, and save the record. Getting the approver’s signature is as simple as clicking “Sign” and recording the signature on the mobile device’s touch screen. Your company may want to further document the work your technician performed. Using the mobile device’s camera, your technician can take a picture of the completed work as well as anything else that might be needed for future reference. If your client requires it, your technician can also email or print them a copy of the service record.

  • MYOB Advanced Field Service Management: Your Workflow

Once the service appointment is complete, the technician can pick up the next call on the MYOB Advanced Field Service Mobile application and travel to the next appointment or return to the home office, as determined by the schedule says on their mobile device. Meanwhile, the workflow can choose to have a second person review all the details of the appointment before officially closing it.

  • MYOB Advanced Field Service Management: Closing the Call

With the service appointment officially closed, your MYOB Advanced Finance department can now generate an invoice. Once you’ve sent the invoice to your customer, the service appointment life-cycle is complete. From customer, to despatcher, to field technician, to finance and accounting, and back to the customer with an invoice, MYOB Advanced Field Service Management provides one smooth, orchestrated workflow to track all the actions you perform as you take care of your customers.

MYOB Advanced Field Service is only a part of the capability delivered by the entire suite of MOB Advanced Cloud ERP Solutions. Why not explore MYOB Advanced further and schedule your workshop to review this class leading Cloud ERP Solution. 


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