MYOB Advanced Major Update: Version 2021-1-1

MYOB Advanced Major Update: Version 2021.1.1

MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1. is considered a major release that adds a wide range of new features across the entire MYOB Advanced system and is is automatically deployed to all production accounts. However our Professional Services team are available to work alongside you to deploy a copy to your sandbox to test and work through any required changes for forms, reports, integrations etc in time for the release. 

This is a long document - so grab a cup of coffee and start planning your upgrade!

So what are the high level features of Australia's leading Cloud ERP MYOB Advanced? Please see the below highlights and certainly not all the detail! 

MYOB Advanced Construction

MYOB Advanced Construction addresses the needs of Construction with what term "Projects Plus"

We are delighted to see updates for:

  1. MYOB Advanced updates to Debit Adjustments for Sub-contract
  2. MYOB Advanced User Interface Changes to the Bills and Adjustment Screens
  3. MYOB Advanced Debit Adjustment Creation
  4. MYOB Advanced Sub-Contract Billing
  5. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1 provides multiple enhancements  to construction-related screens to make Navigation easier

More details available through the release notes and assistance can be provided as required. 

MYOB Advanced CRM

MYOB Advanced CRM is a tremendously configurable solution containing many high-end features that are ordinarily the preserve of such solutions as Salesforce, but removes the integration requirements to customers, inventory, pricing rules, customer portals, html emails etc etc that is normally required by 3rd party add-ons. So any updates to CRM are always welcomed! MYOB Advanced Workflows have been redesigned for business accounts, customers, suppliers, and locations

We are delighted to see updates for:

  1. MYOB Advanced layout of the Business Accounts Screen
  2. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1 now features enhanced Workflow for Business Accounts, Customers, and Suppliers
  3. MYOB Advanced Automation Changes
  4. MYOB Advanced Enhanced Duplicate Validation Workflow
  5. MYOB Advanced Side Panels have been significantly enhanced and now provide a comprehensive view of a prospect, customer, or supplier

MYOB Advanced Finance

MYOB Advanced Financials is amongst the most full featured solutions available and arguably at the top of the rung for capability "out of the box"!  Enhancements have been made in the following areas.

  1. MYOB Advanced Company Groups
  2. MYOB Advanced Company Screen
  3. MYOB Advanced Multi-level drop downs list in companies/branches
  4. MYOB Advanced Financial Dashboards are now fully incorporated and the following dashboards made available:
    1. A dashboard for the sales department (salespeople, adviser, account manager, customer services manager, or sales manager)
    2. A dashboard for employees and managers performing supplier management activities
    3. A dashboard for the finance department

These dashboards include various key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and charts, and use generic inquiries to gather the underlying data. Users can access the dashboards from the Dashboards workspace, in the Dashboard: Finance category. This aspect contains a number of significant and exciting updates - with Dashboards and KPI capability simply the best of all Cloud ERPs. 

MYOB Advanced Integration

With its class leading open-api approach Web Store Integration is a key solution area for the consulting team and we note the following:

  1. Changes to Product Exporting
  2. Changes to Tax Settings (BigCommerce settings - Acumatica)
  3. Enhancements in the Commerce Sync Monitoring Dashboard
  4. Filtering Entities by Custom Fields and Attributes
  5. Importing Order Fraud Analysis from Shopify
  6. Importing Returns and Refunds from BigCommerce
  7. Support for Multiple Warehouse Locations for Shopify
  8. Synchronisation of Multiple Order Types with BigCommerce

Integration is a key area for MYOB Advanced and as changes are provided within this class leading Cloud ERP so can changes be effected within the target point solution so its always key to work with your IT Team and Practice Consulting team to ensure each and every update maintains uninterrupted operations.      

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing provides a premium solution for a single database Cloud ERP for Manufacturing solution. MYOB Advanced Manufacturing 2021.1.1.1 now features the following enhancements

  1. MYOB Advanced Capable To Promise enhanced functionality
  2. MYOB Advanced sees enhancements in linking of Sales Order lines and Production Orders
  3. MYOB Advanced sees enhancements in Work Centre Capacity Scheduling
  4. MYOB Advanced features new workflow in Engineering Change Requests, Engineering Change Orders, and Supplier Shipments

There are many other areas of improvement - speak to your Certified Manufacturing Consultant for training and any reviews required.

MYOB Advanced Distribution

MYOB Advanced Distribution capability is the bedrock of many if not all of our clients!  Here is an overview of the enhancements provided in MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1.

  1. MYOB Advanced now provides the ability to process sales and purchase orders between companies or branches in the same tenant.
  2. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1. introduces a Dead Stock Inquiry form, which provides the ability to detect dead stock items
  3. MYOB Advanced sees improvements to Drop-Ship Processing
  4. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1 sees enhancements in the Matrix-Item area
  5. MYOB Advanced now features Multi-Currency for Purchase Returns
  6. MYOB Advanced Distribution sees wew workflow for Order Management Documents
  7. MYB Advanced provides the ability to process non-stock items by using purchase receipts and purchase returns where the Inventory feature is disabled.

As with all enhancements there will be a number of changes to the User Interface that our clients will experience.

MYOB Advanced Platform

  1. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1. adds the ability to automatically send SMS messages to mobile phones when business events are triggered. This feature requires an SMS subscription
  2. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1 adds the ability to automatically send messages to users via the MYOB Advanced mobile app when business events are triggered via a new subscriber type.
  3. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1 now features Business Events and Notifications menu commands have been added to the Tools menu of the screen title bar of entry screens for example, Invoices and Memos, Customers, Sales Orders and generic inquiry screens.
  4. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1. adds a number of important enhancements to "widgets"
  5. MYOB Advanced 2021.1.1. enables Generic Inquiries to target an external URL!

MYOB Advanced 2021 Summary see that there has been significant updates across the entire solution - some driven by our Users whilst others have been driven by the march of technology and capability to deliver such great capability due to the longstanding overall Platform and Solution design.

Enhancements also feature across:

  • MYOB Advanced Project Accounting
  • MYOB Advanced Service Management
  • MYOB Advanced User Interface
  • MYOB Advanced Customisation Capability
  • MYOB Advanced Workflow
  • MYOB Advanced Mobile Development
  • MYOB Advanced Platform API

It must also be note that with this release a number of resolutions are delivered by this release.

We look forward to working with all of our clients on this exciting and significant release.

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