MYOB Advanced Scanner: Mobile Scanning Updates

Improved Mobile App Scanning For Manufacturing and Warehouse Efficiencies for MYOB Advanced Users!


As we look to the capabilities of MYOB Advanced native mobile app we look to see how it affects manufacturing efficiency.

As a manufacturer you strive for efficiencies. You know efficient processes are necessary to provide quality, affordable products for your customers. With the release of MYOB Advanced 2020 R1, you can boost your efficiency through the MYOB Advanced mobile app scanning.

Improving manufacturing efficiency with MYOB Advanced 2020 R1

MYOB Advanced 2020 R1 is the first of two significant product releases expected for 2020. Almost every aspect has been touched, and this includes the Manufacturing capability.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing, formerly JAMS Manufacturing, is a feature-rich, adaptable, and cloud-based manufacturing software that is a functional extension of Distribution, CRM, Financial Management, and Project Accounting capability. It adapts to your make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, or repetitive manufacturing needs and allows for real-time coordination from one central location.

One manufacturing improvement provided by MYOB Advanced 2020 R1 will be seen in the MYOB Advanced easy-to-use mobile app. Using an iPhone/iOS or Android phone or tablet with an internet connection, you can easily download the app to perform a variety of shop floor and warehouse tasks:

  • Automate material issues by scanning material to WIP
  • Automate production reporting by scanning from operation to operation or by scanning from production order into inventory
  • Capture actual labour with clock on/off production orders and supervisor approval prior to posting

The ability to collect data using RF systems, something that’s been around for decades, is now possible from anywhere at any time from your mobile device. It’s convenient, and it’s easy to do. Open the MYOB Advanced app, select your transaction, select scan, point at the barcode, scan, and enter the transaction. The data is immediately—and securely—available on screens, reports, dashboards, and KPIs in real time, direct to MYOB Advanced.

Having real-time access to data may not possible through traditional RF data collection systems that use special hardware. They scan an item and the data goes into a server that connects to the ERP system. It’s an intermediary way of doing it. Depending on the polling frequency, the transactions may go in every minute or every hour.

MYOB Advanced mobile app, with its real-time access to data from one device, increases manufacturing management efficiencies exponentially. Please review a high-level demonstration of MYOB Advanced native shop floor data collection found in the Acumatica platform section of Cloud Factory TV on YouTube. 

MYOB Advanced proposed mobile app scanning capability brings convenience not only to those working on shop floor and in the warehouse but also to those working in the field. Consider the ease with which your field technician can access information about a piece of equipment you manufactured. They can scan the bar code and instantly access information they need (maintenance records, availability of parts, etc.) right then and there.

If your manufacturing company is looking to modernise with much-needed efficiencies, contact our team, and we’ll  be happy to answer any questions you have about MYOB Advanced Manufacturing. We can also schedule an end to end manufacturing ERP software demonstration today.

MYOB Advanced cloud ERP software and mobile app scanning capabilities can help take your manufacturing and warehousing processes to a new level of efficiency.


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