HighJump- A Leader In Gartner 2019 MagicQuadrant For Warehouse Management


Congratulations HighJump

As a key warehouse management consulting firm, Cloud Factory are pleased to share the news that HighJump (Now known as Korber K.Motion), a global provider of supply chain solutions, announces its placement as a leader in Gartner’s 2019 magic quadrant for warehouse management systems (WMS) report. For Cloud Factory this recognition underlines our 10-year commitment to supporting the solution along with our clients who invested in technologies to streamline their warehouse operations.

What is Korber K.Motion? (Previously known as HighJump)

Purchasing convenience, delivery speed, choice, adaptability - supply chain complexity is rising alongside consumer expectations. Our clients in the warehouse and logistics space need solutions to handle new business models, and HighJump functionality and price-point makes it possible.

“Cloud Factory have expanded its client base via the HighJump solution portfolio for SAP Business One and when combined with EDI deployments and integration for B2B and B2C portals through extensive SAP Business One capabilities we provide the very best digital transformation journey for our supply chain client operations,” said Tony Riley, Senior Lead Consultant – Supply Chain.  When you combine the very best of HighJump and the very best of SAP, our clients have a platform ready to enable advanced data analytics whilst allowing for emerging technologies spanning artificial intelligence (ai), robotics, blockchain, iot and machine learning.

Who is HighJump Warehouse Management System for?

Korber K.Motion (previously known as HighJump Warehouse Management System) scales and adapts to the needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB’s). Unlike other solutions, users can configure the HighJump WMS to scale as specific requirements emerge coupled with the outstanding capabilities of sap business one.

Download eBook: Gaining Efficiencies Within The Warehouse


Gaining efficiencies within the warehouse is paramount to maintaining sustainable growth and meeting current and evolving consumer demand, implementing process improvements that can be easily applied within your distribution centre today will result in immediate benefit, both tangible and intangible.

Management has three primary tools at their disposal to help improve productivity, velocity, and customer service levels: labor, space and equipment. As you begin to think about process improvement ideas and changes to make to your operations, you will need to prioritize the projects based on impact of these value levels.

This eBook will explain how to set up your warehouse for optimal distribution so your organization can capitalize on any opportunities to grow.

Topics discussed within the eBook include 

  • Space Utilization
  • Bin Characteristics 
  • Layout Considerations 
  • Cross Dock If Possible
  • Finding the right picking method
  • How to make shipping easy?
  • Is technology our friend?

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